eco-friendly crafting time with re-play recycled

If you follow along on Instagram, you've definitely seen my obsession with posting Ethan's #ReplayMeals (okay, and you've definitely seen my glitter and paint stained table, too). I completely fell in love with Re-Play, an incredible company that offers eco-friendly serveware (made of recycled milk jugs!) for little ones. In addition to some incredible products, I love everything that Re-Play stands for as a company.

Somewhere in the midst of my overgramming pictures of Ethan's food, they asked me to do some eco-friendly crafts for them to feature on their eco-friendly craft blog. Ethan and I were excited to team up with Re-Play to do this craft series which is now on it's third week. All of our new crafts are posted on Re-Play's eco-friendly craft blog every Sunday.

I realized I never got around to posting about the feature on the blog, only on Instagram, so I wanted to make sure I shared it here as well. Check it out!

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