29 Weeks

In The Summer Is When You Really Know - Jets To Brazil

As I was getting ready to make my weekly "baby progress" entry, I realized that I have exactly 10 weeks before my c-section. 10 measly weeks until Ethan gets here! That seems like such a short period of time and I'm just struck with total disbelief. Yesterday I felt as if I'd been pregnant forever and today? Today I'm trying to figure out how there are only ten weeks left!

I've pretty much started living everything listed under the "possible side effects during the third trimester" category, from the indigestion problems to mood swings to sciatica. I'm incredibly thankful that edema has remained out of the picture and I haven't gotten to experience the joys of swelling just yet! I've definitely felt myself slowing down after the second trimester energy spike that I got to experience. This means that I've once again stopped caring about my hair or if I'm wearing any make-up. I'm feeling apathetic, lethargic and too pregnant to care about those things right now.

Ethan is estimated to measure anywhere from 14-15 inches at this point which is compared this week to a loaf of bread! (That just seems so gigantic to me!) He should weigh about 2 2/3 pounds or somewhere in that general vicinity. His head is growing and brain development is continuing rapidly this week!

I was really excited to read that he can now differentiate between sounds he's hearing in there instead of just hearing mumbles. The stories we read, the music we listen to, the "everyday sounds of life" at this point will all be recognizable now to Ethan once he's born! Ethan's heart rhythm also speeds up when he hears familiar voices, like those of his parents. Aww! This just may be my favorite "baby progress" paragraph ever so far!

Ethan should be less hyperactive now (debatable!) but hungry as ever and always wanting more food. This is apparently going to leave me feeling tired (check) and hungry (check) all of the time. This trimester, 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into Ethan's skeleton each day!


You-Need-This Pregnancy Product: Anita Baby Belt

Today has already consisted of a breakfast date with a friend, a trip to the mall (Macy's, JC Penney, Yankee Candle and Hallmark), buying cat food and going to the grocery store. These were three hours worth of errands that all involved a lot of walking and a whole lot of schlepping. We're also experiencing record heat down here in South Florida (with a feels-like temperature of 98 degrees). These were all of the factors (plus, you know, being almost 30 weeks pregnant) that make for an absolutely miserable day. Surprisingly, though, I don't want to die.

We can thank this product for that.

This is the BabyBelt Maternity belt (style 1700) by Anita. I know, I've raved on and on about Anita bras (have you tried them yet?) and you certainly haven't read the last of my declaration of love for Anita. However, this was a product I had no idea about until I was given one to try by Anita. I've worn it on an errand here, an errand there...but today I actually wore it as I ran across town like an insane person. Today I'm not quite sure how I made it this far without one!

It's hot out. I'm pregnant. My back hurts. My hips hurt. I hurt. My legs hurt. I don't want to run 7,000 errands (even though it's my fault I put everything off yesterday) but we didn't have any milk or cans of cat food and I had coupons for the mall that expired and...well, you get the idea. Things needed to be done.

From the moment I first put the belt on, I felt the nice, stable security in my hip and belly area. On my first stop through the mall, I noticed I was able to run from store to store without clutching my back or my hips. In fact, the cashier at Hallmark even remarked how much energy I had and when she was pregnant in the summer, she refused to leave her couch. Okay, so the BabyBelt 1700 doesn't give you energy but it sure as hell gives you the tolerance to fake having energy. I felt lighter on my feet as I paced up and down the mall. I didn't have the urge to lay down across the mall floor and rest for a bit. I was able to locate my car in the parking lot and drive to my next destination without thinking about the throbbing pain in my lower back. It was awesome.

I'm pretty sure that if I was left to my own devices and not equipped with the BabyBelt, I wouldn't have made it to all of the destinations that I was able to make it to without dying. The BabyBelt 1700 is very lightweight and breathable. You can't see a single thing under your clothing, which is always a plus since maternity clothing tends to make you feel a bit bulkier anyway. You can also use it for extra support while sitting (like I am now) or even laying down. Yes, it's true...after a day of running around in the heat like a madwoman, I'm still able to comfortably blog and eat my grilled-cheese sandwich thanks to the added support from the belt.

I also thought it was really cool how the belt grows with you and is fully adjustable with the Velcro band. The belt comes in XS-XL so there's a fit for everybody! I saw one reviewer online refer to this as their "belly bra." That made me laugh and, you know, it's so true! This belt does the job of an awesome bra: straps you in, holds you in and provides awesome support on your heavy, aching body!

Purchasing one for yourself is extremely easy. Just head on over to Amazon!



My husband and I went on a "babymoon" this weekend. I really like using the term "babymoon" so I've been saying it an obnoxious amount of times. I guess it's like a honeymoon part two or a pre-baby getaway. I wasn't comfortable going too far from my doctors so we went an hour away and stayed from Saturday-Monday (today) at the beautiful Jupiter Beach Resort.

Fun Fact: We initially looked at the Jupiter Beach Resort as a wedding venue but my husband hated the beach and didn't want to get married anywhere near a beach!

I've been with my husband since we were 15. I've been in a pool with him twice and one of those times was when he lost a bet in high school. He wasn't shy about his disgust for the beach and spent trips to the Bahamas and everywhere else over the years locked in the hotel room or pouting on the shore. It wasn't until this very trip that he declared he actually did like the beach all of the sudden. I was torn between utter joy (it's hard to live in South Florida and not go to the beach, you see) and wanting to strangle him a little bit for ten years of agony!

The weather was gorgeous every single day. Our days were full of yummy food, beautiful weather and days on Jupiter Beach, the resort pool (with non-alcoholic pina coladas!) and the Intracoastal at Coral Cove Park. It was the perfect little weekend getaway and while I'm sad it ended, I sure am happy that it happened and we were able to get away for a little bit!

After dealing with being the wife of an accountant during busy season (and my poor husband actually having to work those horrific hours), it was nice to just get away and do a whole lot of relaxing (and eating really, really delicious food -- did I mention that part?).

I love babymoons! It's official! If only all weekends could be this wonderful.


For The Love Of Bras!

I'm really, really excited to make this post! A little while ago, I added a new sponsor banner here to my blog. Maybe you noticed it, maybe you didn't. Either way, I'm going to tell you all about them now because I have the totally awesome honor of working with Anita.

Anita has been around for 125 years and, yet, I wonder where they've been all my life! I know the majority of my entries tend to revolve around breasts but, hey, breasts are a big deal. They're a big deal especially when you're a difficult size and you spend more time you ever imagined possible trying to find a bra that fits. Trust me. Like I've said, pre-pregnancy I was a 34F and now the third trimester has made me a 38H. I also had the daunting task of finding a maternity swimsuit the other day. Now that was a laugh (okay, or a cry).

After I could no longer fit in my pre-pregnancy bras, I went to barenecessities.com, closed my eyes and selected a few bras at random in larger sizes. One of those bras was #5527 by Anita. I swear, the heavens opened up, birds started singing and candy fell from the sky as soon as I put that bra on. I returned the other bras I had also bought and ordered another of the same bra by Anita. Long story short, I was contacted by Anita's awesome general manager and I got the most incredible opportunity ever: to try on and try out bras!

Said meeting happened today and, as I type this, I'm wearing one of my new bras (#5529) and enjoying the sense of back relief and overall joy that comes with wearing a bra that feels like you're not wearing one at all. I've always been under the impression that I'm "hard to fit" when it comes to a bra. Heck, my wedding undergarments were custom made for that very reason. Yet Anita makes me feel like I'm totally and completely normal. When Steven, the GM, showed up with a beach bag (that he let me keep, no less!) full of bras and swim tops and belly bands and all sorts of goodies, it was like I was a 36B or something else average and normal. (Did I also mention that Steven brought me chocolates with Anita logo? As if I needed another reason to love Anita with all of my pregnant little heart!)

Anita makes all sorts of great bras no matter your size, from sports bras to regular bras to swim wear to nursing bras to breast surgery bras. They make it all. There is no "hard to fit" around here. I'm not even nervous about beginning my quest into nursing bras soon, as today I got to see some of the awesome selections they have. Steven brought bras up to an I cup! (To those reading this with a smaller cup, Anita does start at an A cup for your convenience, too!)

I don't normally do two blog posts in one day but this one needed to be made. Ladies, do yourselves a favor. Get professionally fitted and get yourself some quality bras! One of the highlights of my pregnancy has been being able to work with Anita and thus ridding myself of the discomfort of heavy, annoying breasts. I feel like I've tried just about every brand of bra under the sun. International brands, too. Nothing has ever fit me as perfectly or felt as comfortable as my Anita bras. I'm not a professional by any means, but I can spot quality material when I wear it. These bras? They're quality bras.

Visit anita.com and learn more about some of the products they offer! They don't sell to the public from their website, you'll have to do your ordering from Bare Necessities (don't fear the online ordering -- they have a great exchange system until you find your perfect size and style!).

28 Weeks (Hello, 3rd Trimester)

Hello, third trimester! I'm welcoming the leg cramps and the persistent heartburn because I passed my one-hour glucose test so nothing in the world can get me down. Our nursery progress has begun, our baby shower invitations are almost in the mail, we completed our hospital tour, our babymoon is scheduled, my car has been given a "mommy make-over" to make it ready and safe for baby, our maternity photos have been scheduled...I'm feeling quite accomplished these days. It's a nice switch from rendering myself absolutely useless.

This week, Ethan is supposedly the size of both a cinnamon-sugar churro (that'd be about 15-16 inches) and a Chinese cabbage. (We'll take the churro over here, please.) His little brain is developing billions of neurons and he's adding lots and lots of body fat! His eyesight is developing rapidly. I thought it was kind of cool that he may even be able to detect light that filters through. He's blinking his little eyes -- which now have color! I'm sure he'll inherit his dad's brown eyes (so long to my blue-green eyes) but it's all just guesswork right now. Apparently his eye color isn't considered permanent until he's around 9 months old!


Nursery Progress, Day Two!

We completely jam-packed this weekend with nursery assembling. We're nowhere near done (we still have to order our glider and crib mattress among other things) but I finally feel comfortable with our progress! We were so behind with getting everything set up thanks to my accountant husband's busy season being in overdrive so it was nice to get caught up. All of our furniture is completely assembled and the decorating has begun! As much fun as it's been getting to set up our son's nursery, it's also been exhausting. My husband has been in bed for nearly a half hour already and I'm not too far behind.

Still, what a great feeling! I can't wait to continue piecing everything together little by little. What fantastic progress was made this weekend! We definitely even got a head start on Ethan's bathroom, too -- though you have to wait on those photos. We're working on one room at a time!

Hanging the artwork my little sister made us for the baby last Christmas!

What's What:
Crib - Wendy Forever Crib by Pali Desgins in Cognac
Dresser - Wendy 5 Drawer Dresser by Pali Designs in Cognac
Mezuzah - Under The Sea by Shelly-Ka
Photo Album - Custom order by Miss Sew N Sews
Engraved Piggy Bank - Gift from Rhian at for Always
Name Letters - Custom order by Baby to SO Big!
Mobile - "Bubbles" by Kids Line
Pillow - Custom order by This Little Piggy Embroidery
Constellation Night Light - Twilight Turtle by Cloud B


Making Progress In The Nursery

Today began bright and early with a trip to Home Depot and is just wrapping up right about now. We made huge progress in Ethan's nursery today and I'm so excited with how everything has turned out so far!

Since the paint is dry and ready to go, we had to move all of the stuff from Ethan's "storage space" room...

...and into my office/Ethan's future playroom! It's now become the official "storage place." I can't wait to go through everything tomorrow and get everything in it's place!

Can't forget Snuggle Seal, who was my BFF from birth onward. :)

Goodbye to the closet doors for paint touch-ups and detail!

New metal outlet plates and covers are a must, of course.

With the windows open, the room is so light and perfect!

BEFORE: Goodbye, ugly old fan!

AFTER: Hello, pretty new cherry wood fan (with lights)!

Helpful moms drop by with Starbucks iced tea for melting husbands!

It's way past bedtime. We're exhausted (though, okay, maybe my husband has the most reason to be!) and I'm eager to crawl into bed. I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

What's What:
Paint - "Tropical Pool" by Behr
Ceiling Fan - "Wellston" by Hampton Bay
Lamp - "Bubbles" by Kids Line
Bookshelf - Pali Designs Bookcase/Hutch in Cognac
Changing Table - Badger Basket Changing Table with Hamper in Cherry
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