Nursery Progress, Day Two!

We completely jam-packed this weekend with nursery assembling. We're nowhere near done (we still have to order our glider and crib mattress among other things) but I finally feel comfortable with our progress! We were so behind with getting everything set up thanks to my accountant husband's busy season being in overdrive so it was nice to get caught up. All of our furniture is completely assembled and the decorating has begun! As much fun as it's been getting to set up our son's nursery, it's also been exhausting. My husband has been in bed for nearly a half hour already and I'm not too far behind.

Still, what a great feeling! I can't wait to continue piecing everything together little by little. What fantastic progress was made this weekend! We definitely even got a head start on Ethan's bathroom, too -- though you have to wait on those photos. We're working on one room at a time!

Hanging the artwork my little sister made us for the baby last Christmas!

What's What:
Crib - Wendy Forever Crib by Pali Desgins in Cognac
Dresser - Wendy 5 Drawer Dresser by Pali Designs in Cognac
Mezuzah - Under The Sea by Shelly-Ka
Photo Album - Custom order by Miss Sew N Sews
Engraved Piggy Bank - Gift from Rhian at for Always
Name Letters - Custom order by Baby to SO Big!
Mobile - "Bubbles" by Kids Line
Pillow - Custom order by This Little Piggy Embroidery
Constellation Night Light - Twilight Turtle by Cloud B


  1. I love the sea animal motif! so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE!! I'm getting all teary eyed looking at his room - Ethan has a bedroom!!! It's so perfect!! He's really going to be here SO SOON!!

  3. LOVE your blog! Thanks for jumping over and introducing yourself on mine!

  4. That came out sooooo beautiful.....all the colors blend well together and makes is really real, ( even for my pea brain ) that you are gonna be a Mom.... Sniffles....

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