28 Weeks (Hello, 3rd Trimester)

Hello, third trimester! I'm welcoming the leg cramps and the persistent heartburn because I passed my one-hour glucose test so nothing in the world can get me down. Our nursery progress has begun, our baby shower invitations are almost in the mail, we completed our hospital tour, our babymoon is scheduled, my car has been given a "mommy make-over" to make it ready and safe for baby, our maternity photos have been scheduled...I'm feeling quite accomplished these days. It's a nice switch from rendering myself absolutely useless.

This week, Ethan is supposedly the size of both a cinnamon-sugar churro (that'd be about 15-16 inches) and a Chinese cabbage. (We'll take the churro over here, please.) His little brain is developing billions of neurons and he's adding lots and lots of body fat! His eyesight is developing rapidly. I thought it was kind of cool that he may even be able to detect light that filters through. He's blinking his little eyes -- which now have color! I'm sure he'll inherit his dad's brown eyes (so long to my blue-green eyes) but it's all just guesswork right now. Apparently his eye color isn't considered permanent until he's around 9 months old!


  1. mmmm churro, I'll take one of those too please :P

    You are getting so close yay! I consider 3rd tri at 26 weeks 6 days (40 divided by 3) so I'm going to join you in this trimester tomorrow whether that's accurate or not lol. I can't wait to see our babies on the outside!

  2. You look fantastic!

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