29 Weeks

In The Summer Is When You Really Know - Jets To Brazil

As I was getting ready to make my weekly "baby progress" entry, I realized that I have exactly 10 weeks before my c-section. 10 measly weeks until Ethan gets here! That seems like such a short period of time and I'm just struck with total disbelief. Yesterday I felt as if I'd been pregnant forever and today? Today I'm trying to figure out how there are only ten weeks left!

I've pretty much started living everything listed under the "possible side effects during the third trimester" category, from the indigestion problems to mood swings to sciatica. I'm incredibly thankful that edema has remained out of the picture and I haven't gotten to experience the joys of swelling just yet! I've definitely felt myself slowing down after the second trimester energy spike that I got to experience. This means that I've once again stopped caring about my hair or if I'm wearing any make-up. I'm feeling apathetic, lethargic and too pregnant to care about those things right now.

Ethan is estimated to measure anywhere from 14-15 inches at this point which is compared this week to a loaf of bread! (That just seems so gigantic to me!) He should weigh about 2 2/3 pounds or somewhere in that general vicinity. His head is growing and brain development is continuing rapidly this week!

I was really excited to read that he can now differentiate between sounds he's hearing in there instead of just hearing mumbles. The stories we read, the music we listen to, the "everyday sounds of life" at this point will all be recognizable now to Ethan once he's born! Ethan's heart rhythm also speeds up when he hears familiar voices, like those of his parents. Aww! This just may be my favorite "baby progress" paragraph ever so far!

Ethan should be less hyperactive now (debatable!) but hungry as ever and always wanting more food. This is apparently going to leave me feeling tired (check) and hungry (check) all of the time. This trimester, 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited into Ethan's skeleton each day!

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  1. Dear Ethan,

    I can not wait to meet you! I'm currently incubating your BFF Justin and I know you two are going to have so much fun together! You have the best mommy and daddy in the world and we all can't wait to watch you grow up. 10 weeks eeeek!


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