Review & Giveaway: KUSH Support!

The KUSH is one of those products that fell into my life while I was pregnant and made me wish (over and over again) that I'd known about it prior to my pregnancy. Let's just say that my KUSH and I are totally soulmates. We won't be sleeping without one another ever again now that we've found one another!

Let's talk about breasts, shall we? I entered my pregnancy at a 34F and pregnancy shot me up to a monstrous 36/38H (and as anyone who has been pregnant knows, it doesn't stop with just a size increase but added soreness and discomfort). Even during my pre-pregnancy nights, I found myself sleeping with a bra just for the added support. Going to sleep with a sports bra on is way more restrictive than slipping into a comfortable silk nightgown and crawling under your covers waiting to enter dreamland, but I always assumed it was what I had to do as a woman with larger breasts. As a side-sleeper, pregnancy confirmed this theory of having to strap my breasts in to prepare them for slumber. I thought this was just one of those things that I'd have to deal with without there really being any other alternative.

Then the Kush was brought to my attention.

The Kush, my friends, is awesome. It's uniquely designed to fit between your breasts to maintain a more natural shape while sleeping on your side. The Kush means no more sleeping with bras, no more straps, no more restraints or wires: just a comfortable night of sleep without the pressure of your breasts resting on top of one another (can I also mention that this alleviates back and neck pain, too?). Comfort aside, I want to superficially note that the Kush also prevents wrinkles in your cleavage area as well!

The Kush is everything it's cracked up to be. No more neck pain or back pain (as a small banded, larger cupped woman, this is almost unheard of). No more restrictive sports bra harnesses at nighttime. No more soreness from the weight of my breasts pushing down on one another as I try to fall asleep. Speaking again as a pregnant woman, I should note that the slip-resistant surface of the Kush survives all 5,000 of my middle of the night bathroom breaks and stays securely in place until I wake up in the morning (from a blissful, comfortable night of sleep).

I especially love how the Kush is great for everyone during all phases of life. Larger breasted? Side sleeper? Implants? Post-operative recovery? Nursing? Pregnant? Suffering from back or neck pain? Wanting a non-cream or lotion alternative to preventing cleavage wrinkles? I mean, here's your answer in the form of one amazing creation (that also donates a portion of it's proceeds to breast cancer research -- as if they could even be any more awesome!). Take my word for it, as a pregnant woman with annoyingly large breasts who thought a decent night of sleep might never be possible again: the Kush is a godsend.

My favorite Kush, size medium in "Expectant Mother Blue" (L) and the great bags they come in (R)

Yeah, the Kush is just plain awesome. I like to stand behind products that really do help people and that I really do love, so I want to shout it from the rooftops that the Kush really does support like a dream.

Even better is that the marvelous folks over at Kush are offering my readers a chance to win a Kush of their own! Fear not, ladies, as a fabulous night of sleep isn't that far away!

Here are the details: the great folks at Kush are offering my readers a chance to win a support set of their own with a medium and small Kush!

To enter (you must complete all steps!)...
1. "Like" Kush Support on Facebook!
2. Vote for You Are The Roots on Top Mommy Blogs & Picket Fence Blogs by clicking on the buttons on my main blog page.
3. "Like" You Are The Roots on Facebook.
4. Tell us in a comment why YOU want to try Kush! (PLEASE make sure you include your e-mail address so we are able to contact you if you're the winner!)

Giveaway closes on Tuesday, April 12th at 9:30 a.m. EST. Winner will be announced later in the afternoon!


  1. i liked kush support on fb
    i voted on both sites
    i liked youaretheroots on fb

    id like to try kush because i wear a 38f bra and am also tired of slepeing with a bra for support

    thank you


  2. Added On FaceBook!

    I Would Like to Try Because I Am Curious!

    Saw You On Top Mommy Blogs WebSite.


  3. Liked, voted etc :P

    I'd like to try it because not only have I been unable to find anything to support myself during sleep, as I sleep on my side a lot - but I suffer from horrendous back pains as well and I'm seriously hoping this will help! :(


  4. Liked Kush & YATR on Facebook

    Voted on both websites

    I would like to try Kush!

    Edie - ediepoveromo@gmail.com

  5. - Liked on FB (BOTH)
    - VOTED

    I want to try Kush because I sleep on my side and do not like the neck pain that comes with it!!!!


  6. Did all of those fun steps! I'd like to try KUSH because I'm a C cup normally, but breastfeeding has made it so I HAVE TO wear a bra at night.

  7. - i liked Kush on facebook!
    - i voted for you on both sites!
    - i liked You Are The Roots!!

    and i really want to try Kush because oh my gosh i seriously NEED this product so i can stop shoving blankets between my boobs at night hahaha

    my email is rhianawhite at gmail dot com!


  8. 1. I like Kush on FB as A.C. Cabrera!
    2. I voted for you!
    3. I like YouAreTheRoots on FB as A.C. Cabrera!
    4. I would love to use this because I have wear a size 42DDD and I get stretch marks and have back pain if I sleep without a bra currently!

    chamboriluv at gmail dot com

  9. To enter (you must complete all steps!)...
    1. I liked Kush on Facebook
    2. I voted on both websites
    3. I liked You Are The Roots on Facebook
    4. I am interested in trying Kush!

    Fran Kump

  10. I did it all! ;o)

    & I'd looooove to try the Kush out because like you, I need all the support I can get for the GIGANTIC ladies especially now that I'm bf-ing... the nursing bras 24/7 aren't enough for me!

    <3, Kerri
    walkthemiles at gmail dot com

  11. I guess this is where I post why I want this kush you speak of... I have nowhere near your size H boobies but my little Ds sure do pose as a problem with my sleep routine. I would love to test one out for myself! =] PICK ME, PICK ME!!!

    Jenna DeMaio

  12. Completed all the steps. :)
    I'd like to win because I'm tired of my large girls getting squished sideways and pinched every time I roll over in bed! Does that make sense? LOL
    hiwendyhi at yahoo dot com

  13. 1. I like Kush Support on Facebook as Melanie Johnson
    2. I voted for You Are The Roots on Top Mommy Blogs & Picket Fence Blogs
    3. I like You Are The Roots on Facebook as Melanie Johnson
    4. I want to win this because I think it will help with my night nursing to keep the other boobah out of baby's way. Weird?

  14. I did all that you asked!! I would love to try this our because it is something different and I have never seen anything like it!!


  15. i did all the entries!

    I would love to try this because i would love to sleep with out my bra!! :)

  16. FB name; Carrie Phelps
    I follow Kush Support & you on FB.
    I voted for you.
    My daughter is expecting & I would LOVE to gift this to her!!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. I want to give this to my syster, she is expecting
    apremios at aol dot com

  19. I like Kush Support on Facebook @rebeccaw2005
    I voted for You Are The Roots on both
    I like You Are The Roots on Facebook @rebeccaw2005
    I'm tired of sleeping with a bra and I liked to see it this is helpful for me!
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com

  20. I did all of the steps! Thanks for the great giveaway! I have a friend in desperate need of this! I wish I would have known about this before now!!
    Dana West

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. I would like to try Kush because it sounds like it will make sleeping a little more comfy.

  23. I would like to try Kush because it would bring relief sleeping (finally) without a bra

    I like Kush Support on facebook (Louis Here)
    I voted for you on both sites
    I like your blog on facebook (Louis Here)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com


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