Making Progress In The Nursery

Today began bright and early with a trip to Home Depot and is just wrapping up right about now. We made huge progress in Ethan's nursery today and I'm so excited with how everything has turned out so far!

Since the paint is dry and ready to go, we had to move all of the stuff from Ethan's "storage space" room...

...and into my office/Ethan's future playroom! It's now become the official "storage place." I can't wait to go through everything tomorrow and get everything in it's place!

Can't forget Snuggle Seal, who was my BFF from birth onward. :)

Goodbye to the closet doors for paint touch-ups and detail!

New metal outlet plates and covers are a must, of course.

With the windows open, the room is so light and perfect!

BEFORE: Goodbye, ugly old fan!

AFTER: Hello, pretty new cherry wood fan (with lights)!

Helpful moms drop by with Starbucks iced tea for melting husbands!

It's way past bedtime. We're exhausted (though, okay, maybe my husband has the most reason to be!) and I'm eager to crawl into bed. I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

What's What:
Paint - "Tropical Pool" by Behr
Ceiling Fan - "Wellston" by Hampton Bay
Lamp - "Bubbles" by Kids Line
Bookshelf - Pali Designs Bookcase/Hutch in Cognac
Changing Table - Badger Basket Changing Table with Hamper in Cherry


  1. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I love Ethan's room. It's coming along so beautifully. I love the ocean theme, especially. The ceiling fan makes a world of difference.

    I can't wait to see how it turns out in the end!!!

  2. I am just so in love with that shade of blue, it looks sooo good! And that changing table is awesome. Good job Aaron!!

  3. The room looks awesome, great job!! But I mostly LOVE the picture of your mom sitting in the room. She looks like she is imaging herself a few months from now, holding and snuggling with her Grandson...nothing in the world is better than that:)

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