You-Need-This Pregnancy Product: Anita Baby Belt

Today has already consisted of a breakfast date with a friend, a trip to the mall (Macy's, JC Penney, Yankee Candle and Hallmark), buying cat food and going to the grocery store. These were three hours worth of errands that all involved a lot of walking and a whole lot of schlepping. We're also experiencing record heat down here in South Florida (with a feels-like temperature of 98 degrees). These were all of the factors (plus, you know, being almost 30 weeks pregnant) that make for an absolutely miserable day. Surprisingly, though, I don't want to die.

We can thank this product for that.

This is the BabyBelt Maternity belt (style 1700) by Anita. I know, I've raved on and on about Anita bras (have you tried them yet?) and you certainly haven't read the last of my declaration of love for Anita. However, this was a product I had no idea about until I was given one to try by Anita. I've worn it on an errand here, an errand there...but today I actually wore it as I ran across town like an insane person. Today I'm not quite sure how I made it this far without one!

It's hot out. I'm pregnant. My back hurts. My hips hurt. I hurt. My legs hurt. I don't want to run 7,000 errands (even though it's my fault I put everything off yesterday) but we didn't have any milk or cans of cat food and I had coupons for the mall that expired and...well, you get the idea. Things needed to be done.

From the moment I first put the belt on, I felt the nice, stable security in my hip and belly area. On my first stop through the mall, I noticed I was able to run from store to store without clutching my back or my hips. In fact, the cashier at Hallmark even remarked how much energy I had and when she was pregnant in the summer, she refused to leave her couch. Okay, so the BabyBelt 1700 doesn't give you energy but it sure as hell gives you the tolerance to fake having energy. I felt lighter on my feet as I paced up and down the mall. I didn't have the urge to lay down across the mall floor and rest for a bit. I was able to locate my car in the parking lot and drive to my next destination without thinking about the throbbing pain in my lower back. It was awesome.

I'm pretty sure that if I was left to my own devices and not equipped with the BabyBelt, I wouldn't have made it to all of the destinations that I was able to make it to without dying. The BabyBelt 1700 is very lightweight and breathable. You can't see a single thing under your clothing, which is always a plus since maternity clothing tends to make you feel a bit bulkier anyway. You can also use it for extra support while sitting (like I am now) or even laying down. Yes, it's true...after a day of running around in the heat like a madwoman, I'm still able to comfortably blog and eat my grilled-cheese sandwich thanks to the added support from the belt.

I also thought it was really cool how the belt grows with you and is fully adjustable with the Velcro band. The belt comes in XS-XL so there's a fit for everybody! I saw one reviewer online refer to this as their "belly bra." That made me laugh and, you know, it's so true! This belt does the job of an awesome bra: straps you in, holds you in and provides awesome support on your heavy, aching body!

Purchasing one for yourself is extremely easy. Just head on over to Amazon!

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