ethan's 4th birhday party!

Ethan turns four years old on the 22nd and last weekend we celebrated his birthday with a Lorax party!

I'm a little bit (okay, a lot bit) obsessed with planning parties and so this one has been in the works for some time now. About six months ago, Ethan asked me if his birthday party could be Lorax themed and, well, I almost immediately got to work on the details.

Our super cute Lorax invitations were designed by Designs by Jessika. To be extra Lorax-y, I printed them on plantable paper (purchased here).

My best friend is basically good at everything, and she showcased her skills with some cute envelope addressing, too!

The Lorax isn't exactly a super popular theme (unlike last year's pirate theme) so a lot of brainstorming was required. Luckily for me, Ethan was super into his birthday party this year and spent a lot of time helping me and running his ideas by me (see also: letting me know he had some requests -- no pressure!). For a venue, we yet again chose our local My Gym (My Gym Coconut Creek). Ethan's party has been held at My Gym the past three years in a row, plus, he's been taking weekly classes there since he was eight weeks old. There's little Ethan loves more than My Gym! Our party was a 10 a.m. party so we did bagels (with butter or cream cheese) for food and lots of little Lorax-themed snacks, too (Hummingfish hummus, snacks of the Swomee Swans, Truffula fruit, barbaloot snacks, super axe crackers).

A couple of years ago, my best friend had this great idea to reduce balloon waste by displaying the balloons simply by tying them onto each party favor. So, each kid leaves with a balloon and that leaves us with none leftover. It was a brilliant idea and I've been doing it year after year now!

The "big kid" favors

And a snuggly little Lorax for the one and under crowd!

My sister (the Lorax) and her friend (the brown barbaloot) were the event photographers of the day.

How cute are Ethan's super cute Lorax harem shorts?! They were custom made by Joyaltee for the party!

The Lorax isn't an easy character to come by so we decided he was busy saving the trees -- but, luckily for Ethan, he took the time to send his buddy The Cat in the Hat to the party! Ethan was so excited! This is our 3rd year using a character from Character Adventures (954-536-8771). We can't recommend them enough!

Ethan had the best time and it made every ounce of planning so worth it!

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