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I kicked off August with a brand new pair of Gurus. As the weeks have passed, I have put these sandals through the ultimate Florida girl test and, oh, these shoes. I just love them. As a Floridian, I wear flipflops daily. I've never experienced real brand loyalty before, often just buying what is on sale and happens to fit my criteria (see: basic comfort, because I'll wear the heck out them). Gurus have become my new go-to brand and my new staple sandal. I can honestly tell you that these are the most comfortable sandals I've worn and, believe me, my feet have seen a lot of sandals.

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Something you don't really find a lot in your run of the mill flipflops is support. My feet have been through the ringer (before kids, I wore a size 6 shoe -- now, I'm an 8) and sometimes it's nice to have that additional support. The thick, soft sole quickly adapts and molds to your feet, making it feel as if your Gurus were custom made for your feet. The ankle straps also have a twist-to-adjust design so that you are able to tighten the straps to fit your feet perfectly. Also unique to Gurus is the toe post, which is based on the 5,000 year old Indian sandal worn by Mahatma Gandhi. When people have stopped to inquire about my shoes, the toe post is what catches their eye the most. Most people ask if it's comfortable. The toe post is actually really comfortable and stops you from having to scrunch your toes together to hold on to your shoe.

Aside from being the most comfortable shoes on the planet, Gurus also have a commitment to sustainability. Every pair of Gurus contains natural rubber sustainably sourced from family farms in India. No synthetic materials needed. Gurus have also partnered with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that plants trees in rural communities in the developing world. For every Gurus product you buy, they'll plant a tree.

My Gurus go everywhere with me and there are no conditions they can't handle. In fact, I was able to comfortably wear them on my nightly walk around my neighborhood when I didn't have my sneakers accessible and my feet felt awesome after the fact. Gurus are comfortable, practical and supportive. The natural rubber and thickness of the sole help keep your Gurus in great shape unlike flimsier sandals, and your feet stay comfortably in your Gurus as you walk.

Gurus are available in men's, women's and children's sizes and in a variety of colors and designs. At $27-35 per pair (adults) and $25 (children), Gurus are nearly half the price of the other top sandals brands on the market (and a much better product, if I don't say so myself).

You can shop for your new favorite pair of shoes at ilovegurus.com and can follow along with Gurus on Instagram at @ilovegurus. Take 10% off your order with code ifthefaultfits.

The wonderful folks at Gurus have also offered my readers the chance to win a pair of their very own. Good luck -- you are going to love these shoes!

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