newton wovenaire crib mattress review + prize package giveaway

By now, you probably know that Carmen's arrival into our family was a complete whirlwind as we learned that we were selected to parent in the same phone call we learned of her early arrival. As we begin to scramble and made plans for her nursery, we began to do our research on what should go into her nursery. After all, so much has changed in the five years since we planned and created Ethan's nursery and, as parents, it's our duty to evolve with the times, science and safety. Safe sleeping, of course, is at the very top of our priority list. As parents who have suffered a loss as we did, I don't cut corners when it comes to safety.

We were fortunate enough to be able to receive a Newton Rest Wovenaire Crib Mattress and I couldn't wait for it to arrive. From the moment we unpacked the mattress from the box it was shipped in, it was evident that this was a high quality, safe and comfortable mattress. From a parental perspective, I know that messes happen (Ethan was a reflux baby so say no more) and I love that the Wovenaire mattress has a removable and washable cover. Bye bye, bacteria! The core itself can be washed with soap and water making it easy to clean down to it's, well, core -- and what more could any parent want for the space their little one sleeps?

The mattress itself is soft. It's beyond soft. It's a little bit like what I imagine climbing up onto a cloud would feel like: fluffy and calming and just so very cozy. As I studied the mattress up close, I was excited to see the details in the breathable design. Transitioning a baby from a bassinet into their own room is a big, scary milestone and having the Wovenaire mattress takes a lot of that fear out. You can tell that no stone went unturned when creating this mattress and that safety is Newton's main priority.

So what sets the Wovenaire mattress apart, safety features aside? Well, for starters, there is no glue, foam, springs or latex. Nope, there are no allergens or chemicals where your little one rests their precious head. From an eco-friendly perspective, it's completely recyclable! The core of the mattress is made up of 90% free air. Yes, air. I just think that's the coolest part.

The aforementioned design that I mentioned is not only breathable, but it also allows for prime temperature regulation. The Wovenaire takes the guess work and worry out and simply leaves your baby a luxurious, comfortable and -- most importantly -- safe place to sleep.

Babies deserve the best and parents deserve peace of mind. Newton delivers with the Wovenaire crib mattress. (Can I also mention that each visitor we get touches her mattress and remarks how they need one for themselves because ohmygosh, it's comfortable?)

That smile speaks for itself!

Visit Newtown's website for how to purchase or partake in the 100 night trial that they offer. We promise -- you'll be hooked and want one for yourself. Speaking of, adult Wovenaire mattresses are coming soon. I may have looked into that, I'm just saying.

Newton has teamed up with some other fantastic shops including Stokke, Bitybean and Nuna strollers to provide a prize pack valued at $1,110 -- including a Newton crib mattress as well! Click the image below to enter!

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