baby merlin's magic sleep suit review + special giveaway!

Carmen has been testing out her Magic Sleep Suit for just about two weeks now. I've basically told everyone we encounter about this puffy magic suit of wonderment and each time I mention it, I'm asked if it really works. Can I give a resounding yes?

We have low expectations for sleep in our household. Ethan is just about five years old and still it's considered a rarity for him to sleep through the night. When Carmen began sleeping for such long stretches early on, we were in disbelief. Eventually it came time to transition her out of the swaddle and, well, it wasn't pretty. She still desired that cozy and safe feeling, and her self-startle reflexes were keeping her up the entire night. She began to regress to multiple wake-ups each night and was just generally miserable as anyone would be if they weren't able to comfortably get themselves to sleep when tired. I read all about the Magic Sleep Suit and was intrigued by so many factors. I had the same questions that most people have when they ask me about it: Isn't it too hot? How exactly does it work? I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to the folks behind the Magic Sleep Suit to get some answers and eventually see the sleep suit in action for myself.

For starters, no, it is not too hot. I get it. I live in South Florida where it's always hot and the feeling that your flesh is melting clear off your bones is as familiar as breathing. We keep our home at 74 degrees day and night, so it's always cool enough for even us adults to sleep under cozy blankets. Carmen goes to sleep in a disposable diaper and light onesie underneath her sleep suit (which is made of a soft, breathable microfleece exterior). You'll notice that the Magic Sleep Suit has open hands and feet, which allows for increased air flow and heat dissipation. Carmen was a preemie and, at 3 1/2 months old, is still itty-bitty. Because of this, we had to cuff the feet of her sleep suit to keep the neckline where it should be and to ensure she cannot pull her feet up into the suit while she sleeps. The Magic Sleep Suit comes in two sizes: 3-6M and 6-9M. While Carmen fits the age and the milestones (this feisty girl was breaking out of her swaddle blankets early on), she is still mostly in 0-3M clothing and so we needed to cuff the feet for a proper fit.

As per recommended, we made Carmen's first Magic Sleep Suit experience one during naptime where we could keep a closer eye on her. She slept for two straight hours and was ready and refreshed to start the day. That night was no different. With her Magic Sleep Suit, Carmen sleeps from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m., wakes up to eat and sleeps for another hour.

So how does it work?

Much like a swaddle and much unlike a loose fitting wearable blanket, the Magic Sleep Suit helps give your little one that cozy, secure feeling as they sleep. The suit also helps muffle startle reflexes and involuntary movements that would otherwise wake a sleeping baby. Following the guidelines to help prevent SIDS, the Magic Sleep Suit also helps keep babies sleeping on their backs longer. Even when a baby can roll over during the day, it is difficult (if not nearly impossible) to do in the suit. Back is best, as we all know!

I have been recommending the Magic Sleep Suit as a baby product must-have every opportunity I get. Carmen goes to sleep smiling and wakes up bright-eyed and refreshed after a peaceful night of uninterrupted, safe sleep.

The amazing folks behind Magic Sleep Suit have offered my readers the opportunity to win Magic Sleep Suit of their very own to try. Good luck -- and sweet dreams!

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  2. I would love to win this for my baby due mid-September!

  3. I would love to win this for my baby due mid-September!

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