carmen fable: five months

Carmen is five months old today! It's so hard to believe, but it's also been wonderful watching her grow.

At five months, she's mostly in 0-3 month clothing. Some 3-6 clothing will do the trick thanks to her cloth diapers. She is still cloth diapered exclusively during the day and I do use disposables at nighttime.

She's eating 5-6 ounces of formula every 4 hours, which is a lot for her! Her reflux is still being exclusively controlled by Gelmix -- just like her big brother! (Funny how that works.) Carmen has napped in her crib the last 3 days and seems to enjoy it far more than her bassinet, which is where she's still sleeping at night. She sleeps through the entire night most nights.

Carmen can roll over from front to back as well as back to front and loves to scoot all over the place. She really enjoys tummy time but lately has been just using it as an opportunity to roll all over the living room floor. Her favorite, however, is trying to sit. She is always trying to pull herself up to a sitting position and she is happiest when held in a sitting position. Tiny but fierce, this one is.

She wakes up giggling, she goes to sleep giggling and she's just such a joy. Her big brother can make her laugh hysterically and she loves to watch him play. This month she's also been in the pool for the first time (four times and counting) and really loves the water. She's also really beginning to love bath time as well. She's a pacifier baby which Ethan never was, but seems to be relying on it less the older she gets.

It's been such a crazy five months, but in the best kind of way.

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