carmen fable: eight months

I am so behind (understatement of the year), what with Halloween and it's myriad of festivities and then strep throat sweeping through our house -- but Carmen Fable turned eight months old on October 27th!

She weighed in at just shy of 16 pounds. She's still cloth diapered exclusively during the day, and is (finally) in size 2 disposables at nighttime. Perhaps the biggest milestone was me getting to pack up her 0-3 month clothing and finally start putting her in 3-6 month clothing! This was a little bittersweet, and it's 99% likely that she will be our very last baby but I'm seeing that with such a teeny little one, it's exciting to see them grow so quickly. (Ethan was already in 2T by the age of 1!)

Carmen is loving solids (finally) and is starting to accept the fact she sort of needs to eat once in a while. She still has no teeth, but is getting better at gumming bigger chunks of banana and avocado. Today she tried the Sprout organic puffs for the first time, and loved them! So far, she's eaten: butternut squash, carrots, green beans, peas, pears, apples, broccoli, spinach, lentils, red pepper, cucumber, zucchini, quinoa and kale.

Carmen can crawl and is thisclose to fully being able to pull up to a stand on any surface. She loves to get around and explore. She is always smiling and happy, which is still so incredible to me.

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