introducing new thin stix, solid tempera paint sticks by the pencil grip, inc.

Ethan loves to draw and paint. He will literally sit and work on his paintings for hours, and the walls of my entire house are basically lined in his masterpieces. In fact, on our entire cross-country roadtrip last October, he happily drew the entire way (and back). Because neither my husband nor I have any artistic skills or instincts, we've had to do our research to find out how to best nurture Ethan's absolute love for art. This past holiday season, we saw an ad for Kwik Stix -- solid tempera paint twist-up sticks -- and ordered him a set. Much to our surprise, several other friends and relatives also purchased Ethan some Kwik Stix in various shades and finishes (he's partial to the metallic, he wanted me to point that out).

It didn't take him long at all to fall in love with Kwik Stix. They became a perfect independent art opportunity for him without needing to pour paint, rinse the brushes and get his supplies out. They were the perfect opportunity to fit in some painting before school or an errand when time is sparse and we can't really afford to leave the house completely covered head-to-toe in paint. Kwik Stix dry in only 90 seconds, which is an added bonus for little artists who are proud to display their artwork.

I was thrilled when Kwik Stix contacted us about the opportunity to try out their new Thin Stix. Much like the Kwik Stix that came before them, Thin Stix are also solid tempera paint sticks that dry in only 90 seconds. However, they're thinner and help children achieve finer details (and also a perfect pencil grip). With the Thin Stix, Ethan was able to add more detail into his artwork without having to grab a fine point marker to fill in the necessary details.

And, yes, to answer the question we get a lot: they really are paint.

The Thin Stix have become a staple in Ethan's art making, which is pretty much a constant in our every day. We are currently experiencing cabin fever from a bout of strep throat that has taken down our entire family and Ethan has happily spent hours creating art during our newfound downtime.

Ethan is hooked on his Thin Stix (which are AP certified, meaning they're safe and non-toxic for even the littlest artists) and is excited about the opportunity to get to share a set with a lucky winner! Follow the steps below to enter to win a 12-pack set of Thin Stix solid tempera paint sticks for the pint-sized Picassos in your life!

If you can't wait to get your hands on a set of Kwik Stix or Thin Stix (which is totally understandable), I'm excited to say that they're all available on Amazon -- happy shopping!

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