11 weeks (+4 days)

It's hard to believe it's 11 weeks (and four days) today! I'm a bit behind because of the Christmas holiday, as we just returned back home today.

Baby, you were beyond spoiled this Christmas! Aside from receiving a maternity wardrobe that is without a doubt larger than my regular clothes, we received baby books and a beautiful painting by your aunt Megan. Christmas was still great this year but it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the fact that you'll be here next year! We're already planning your first Disney trip, first Santa visit and all of those fun things that make Christmas truly magical.

As for me, I'm feeling pregnant these days. And I'm looking it, too, especially when I wear my non-maternity clothes. (My days of non-maternity bottoms are official OVER. I've had it up to here with my BellaBand and am succumbing to maternity pants this weekend when I get to the mall! The tops are still okay, especially if they were baggy to begin with -- but they sure aren't baggy now!)

Check out the difference:

Right now my biggest symptoms (annoyances!) are headaches, the worst acne ever (ugh, this part is my least favorite), the inability to stop burping for more than five minutes at a time and the fact that nearly every food seems too disgusting to eat.

But it's all worth it, Baby, because right now you are the size of fig and almost fully formed. Your tooth buds are appearing under your gums and you're busy kicking, stretching and moving around (which we saw you do on my 10 week ultrasound -- you're a hyper one already!). All of your vital organs are formed and functioning.

This week, I've had tons of dreams that you're a girl. This is the first time throughout my entire pregnancy that I've thought you were a girl. From the moment I saw the "positive" on the test, I had this gut feeling you were a boy and therefore I've spent many nights up and pondering what types of boy things you'd like, or how to do your boy nursery. I haven't really given a thought to the fact you could be a girl until lately. Your great-great-grandmother (my great-grandmother) is thinking like me and bought a little butterfly dress outfit for you. Your grandma, Edie, is sure you're a girl based on the old wives tale about your heartrate. A good 93% of the people we encounter are sure you're a girl, while only a few are insisting you're a boy. I'm pretty confident you're a girl this week. As for your dad? He says he can't guess, but he just doesn't want to end up being wrong!


  1. That's so exciting! Everyone's pregnancies are flying by so fast. I feel like I know so many pregnant women right now! Haha. It's so fun to read up on everyone's progress. :)

    If you haven't bought maternity jeans yet, Motherhood Maternity has some nice stuff. I bought five pairs of maternity jeans from there and they're SO comfortable. If you have any Motherhood Maternity Outlet stores near you, you can often find buy one get one half off on pant sales, which are awesome since maternity jeans can get pricey!

    I haven't bought a single maternity shirt this pregnancy. I've been wearing regular shirts in bigger sizes, and I like that much better since maternity shirts can get quite expensive.

    Anyway, I hope all is well! I personally think you're having a girl, too. lol.

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