8 Weeks!

Today I am eight weeks along. I have this nifty little pouch of bloating that makes it so my pants can no longer button. Between that and the itchiness of my belly, I find that I'm starting to do "that pregnancy thing" where I walk around with my hand rubbing my belly.

I've tacked on "trouble getting comfortable" to my list of symptoms and qualms. I'm so completely exhausted at night, especially after work, but I feel like it takes forever before I can lay in a position in which I'm comfortable. My stomach and my breasts are just sore and, ugh, the bloating doesn't lend itself well to getting comfortable.

According to those pregnancy tracking websites, I should start to notice my bra becoming snug. Great! I did order a few new bras (especially sports-bra style bras, which I'm all over when I'm at home) and am just crossing my fingers that they don't get too big. I'm pretty sure it's not even possible for them to get any larger than they already are (trust me), but it almost makes for a fun little science experiment: just how big CAN Lindsay's breasts get?!

As far as Baby goes, he or she is growing webbed fingers and toes, has eyelids that nearly cover his or her eyes and his (or her!) brain is starting to form neural pathways. Baby is also about the size of a kidney bean but I'll leave it at that because food references are not my friend right now.

Also, it's Hanukkah! Baby is the next generation in being spoiled, because he/she is being born into a "half Hanukkah, half Christmas" (as I always said as a kid!) family. My parents have taken to already buying Baby his/her Hanukkah gifts: last night Baby got a set of board books and a plush "what do you see?" book. Baby approved greatly, though apparently not so much when it comes to the food. I downed way, way too many latkes to proudly admit this afternoon -- and Baby promptly sent them back up again.


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