so, halloween.

That up there is Ethan around 8:30 last night. He was out. Ever since the first signs of Halloween began showing up in stores, he was obsessed. I debuted his Billie Joe Armstrong costume here on the blog on the 20th and that costume, my friends, has gotten more than enough use. After thirty-one days of channeling his inner goth teenager, I had to break the news to Ethan this morning that Halloween was over until next year. This morning he lost his mind in annoyance when Christmas lights took the place in Target where the spooky Halloween decorations used to be. Alas, today he put on a pair of jeans and a regular t-shirt, strapped his flip-flops onto his feet and was Ethan again, saying goodbye to Billie Joe with a tuck of the Chipotle-stained black collared shirt into the clothes hamper (burritos were $3 at Chipotle yesterday if you came in costume. Naturally, we did!).

We began Halloween day with our usual nearly-three hour Thursday stint at My Gym and then after a Chipotle break, stopped at our local grocery store for 10% off of our bill for being in costume.

We finished the afternoon with a couple of hours at the My Gym Halloween party and then, of course, it was time for Trick or Treat.

I'm a little weirded out by the fact that the only photos of Halloween I have are from Instagram. I had every intent of snapping away and perfectly documenting the day Ethan had been waiting for all month long, but we were busy in the moment and somehow my camera sat there untouched for the duration of the evening.

I've always loved holidays, and Halloween in particular, but having Ethan be so immersed in everything Halloween made this year feel even more magical. I was almost sure his shyness would win and he would be tucked safely behind my legs, begging to go home, when he saw that Trick or Treating meant knocking on the doors of strangers and saying "trick or treat," but by the third or so house he was really into it. Before long, he was walking up to the doors himself and knocking. Once it started getting late, he pointed out that it was "too dark outside" and asked to go back to our house where we handed out the candy.

Speaking of candy, I had made (far too many of) these cards for Ethan to hand out to his pals during all of our celebrations Halloween day:

I thought they came out cute, despite the fact he gave me Two Year Old Attitude and refused to stick his closed fist out any farther than that (or stop whining long enough to smile in the picture). We also have about 35 extra leftover because, well, Ethan wasn't the only one feeling overzealous about Halloween. Oops.

It's hard to believe it's already November and after a month of dealing with a Halloween obsessed toddler, it's time to move onto the next holiday. I tried explaining to Ethan how lucky he is to have both Hanukkah and Christmas to look forward to, but he just shook his head and insisted he would keep on decorating for Halloween. We'll get there eventually. Until then, the raccoons at the local nature rehabilitation center are enjoying our pumpkin.

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  1. Incredibly adorable and he has the BEST costume! There is something about the way that little E is holding that fork that makes me melty melty - I can still see the baby in him but he looks like such a big boy! I'm sure that this years Halloween experience was amazing. Love following along with you guys here. xx


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