it was time.

I began this blog as a place to write. I had just learned that I was pregnant with Ethan and this was my place to document the rollercoaster that was my first pregnancy. The mother I was then and the mother I am now are both very different people. This happens, of course.

I found that over time, I was beginning to let the true purpose of this blog slip through my fingers. My need to write and accurately capture life was being overshadowed by my need to stay loyal to mommy blog guidelines and criteria. This pressure sort of built a wall of writer's block that I wanted to knock down. I felt the best way to do that was to subject my blog to a makeover! Huge thank you to Rebekah Louise Designs for capturing exactly what I had dreamed of and making it a reality for this little blog of mine.

I'm really excited about this new look and it's already been all sorts of inspiring, even in the few hours it's been up and live. There will be no real content change around here. Tot School posts and the like will still have a home here. I'll just be throwing in more from the heart stuff more often and taking this blog back to it's roots.

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