Bedtime Stories

Even though you're technically not supposed to hear us inside there yet, I can't accept that as a valid excuse not to read to you. We've been reading you bedtime stories since the moment we found out you were coming. There was no way my child would exist so long in my belly without bedtime stories! It just wasn't going to happen.

I love it when your daddy reads you bedtime stories. Tonight he read you Mercer Mayer's Just My Dad And Me. You have quite an impressive library already, Baby! I can't help but wonder if you'll end up being a huge bookworm like me. I can't wait until you get here and we can watch you look at the illustrations, too. I'm so excited to take you to the special events at the library or to pick out books with you at the bookstore. Between your books and mine, we're quickly running out of space! There are just so many magical components to reading with you...even now, even though you're still so tiny inside my belly.


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