Books & The Beach

This morning, Baby, we went to the beach. I absolutely couldn't ever imagine living anywhere else as, to me, there's nothing more magical than being able to spend the morning at the beach. You'll learn soon that your dad doesn't agree, but that's okay...you'll see for yourself how great it is. We got to the beach a little bit after 8:00, which is the perfect time. The beach is still quiet other than a few elderly walkers or other people who came to sit and enjoy the fresh ocean air.

On our walk up and down the shore, something exciting happened! I got "recognized" as being pregnant for the first time! It felt as magical as I thought it would! I was wearing an already-snug old t-shirt (that I slept in...shh!) so maybe it was more obvious, but it was so great! This elderly woman asked how far along I was, just like that. I told her almost 13 weeks and she was so excited. She told me that she spent her pregnancies walking up and down Miami Beach in the mornings and there is nothing that can refresh you or make you feel better than the salt air. Before long, we were walking with her...which is good, because she moves at the same pace that I'm moving these days. She had that unable-to-ditch-it New York accent that my grandmother had and it was so comforting to be walking with her. Eventually she retreated back to her condo -- but not without a final "mazel tov!" -- and we sat down to read.

In my pregnancy journal, it always asks what I'm reading. Today we read a short story collection by Raymond Carver titled, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love." He is one of my favorite short story authors. I'm sure at some point you'll read his work in school. My favorite days in school were days when we'd have to read Raymond Carver.

We spent nearly two hours at the beach and returned home a little after 10:00. Baby, I think I am going to have to make this part of our while-you're-in-my-belly routine. I loved spending the morning with you this morning. I can't wait until you're here and we can take you to the beach "for real" so you, too, can feel the magic of your toes in the water and the ocean air.

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  1. I did the same thing during maternity leave when I was pregnant with Bailey. There is something about the beach in the morning, when the sun is still rising and the ocean is calm and there aren't people cluttered all over the sane. It's so peaceful and relaxing.


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