18 Weeks.

I am 18 weeks along today.

This is exciting for a few reasons:
I am unquestionably pregnant now. People are a little bit nicer to me in the grocery store (i.e. The Boca Bitches let me get to the milk first without ramming me with their carts atleast 15% of the time now).

I am two weeks closer to my anatomy scan and finding out if Baby is a SHE or a HE! On this topic, I must also admit that my girl-brained family and friends are doing a decent job at convincing me that Baby might be a girl. I find myself now facing a toss up when it comes to what I think Baby is. I'm almost leaning towards girl these days.

I have officially stopped vomiting in the mornings. I actually wake up feeling hungry and not like there is a volcano erupting in my stomach and the lava is thisclose to spewing out, out, out. (This bullet is followed by a knock on wood heard around the world.)

One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant these days, though, is that I (finally!) got to feel Baby move for the first time! I hate throwing the word "finally!" around when all of my pregnancy books say to expect this between 17-22 weeks on your first pregnancy, but I started to feel like the only pregnant lady on any pregnancy forum who hadn't felt any movement yet! Neurotic Mom-To-Be is Neurotic. Yet on Tuesday, February 8th, as I was laying on the couch hugging my Snoogle and watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, I felt Baby move for the first time. I don't know how to describe it other than a conglomerate of faint tapping and fluttering little pops. It's as weird (but wonderful!) a feeling as it sounds!

Baby's development is also super interesting this week. We're 5 days away from our next OB appointment and two weeks away from our anatomy scan. That means it's a busy week for Baby! But it's a busy week for Baby for other reasons, too, not involving white coats or ultrasound wands.

Baby is busy growing-growing-growing! Up from last week's onion (thank god, because the smell of onions haunts my dreams at night these days), Baby is now the size of a sweet potato (but much cuter, I'm sure):

Holy god, why don't you just tell me that I have a football field in my belly, too?! (I know, I know. Again: this is nothing.)

Baby's ears are now facing forward and are completely formed! This means Baby can actually hear those bedtime stories I've been reading to him/her every single night since my positive pregnancy test. (This probably also means time to put away the Alkaline Trio CDs in the car and put on some Rockabye Baby!) Baby's bones are hardening and his/her senses are working hard at developing! Smell, taste, sight and hearing are all busy developing rapidly this week. A substance called myelin, which makes nerve connections travel faster, is now coating Baby's nerves.

If you can believe it (god knows I can't!), Baby now weighs between 5 and 7 ounces and is about 5½ inches long!

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  1. aww look at that perfect baby belly! You've really popped this week yay!

    Two more weeks, two more weeks! I'm so so excited for the suspense to be over lol

    Such a monunmental week when you feel the baby move. Oh I love that feeling, you'll remember that day forever :)

    I of course voted for you on TMB!

  2. @Victoria: Right?! It's the first week that my belly is fully round without the little "B" curve. Though it's weird watching my belly button get even weirder looking...it was already a really offensive looking outtie to begin with, haha.

    I can't wait to find out who Justin's BFF will be!

  3. I have seen your belly button...it's not that weird...I have seen worse. I can't believe that you finally felt the baby!!! You know in 3 months you will complain about HER moving around so much,when you try to sleep. Isn't that when they wake up....then again, it's your baby - meaning bed time is strickly at 9.00pm. :)


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