Preparing For Ethan.

After three consecutive days of shopping until I literally wanted to drop, I am still having a blast preparing for Ethan. Tonight my husband and I will be measuring his nursery to finalize our furniture plans. I have such big plans for his nursery and playroom and it's so exciting to actually begin to execute these plans.

Ethan is already loved by so many and one necessary item I needed for his nursery (atop his dresser, specifically) is a photo album. A photo album to hold photos of those who love him meeting him for the first time and all of his other special first photos. I wanted something to match his nursery (which will be an under the sea theme) and something that he could cherish for years to come. I knew Etsy would be my go-to place. From there, I found:

Click on the banner and it'll take you directly to her Etsy shop! Not only was she seriously a dream to work with, but she (extremely quickly!) created exactly what I had in mind, and then some.

How incredibly cute is that album?! I hardly do the "advertisement thing" but this is one shop that needs to be checked out. If the cuteness alone didn't sway you, I can only say that Miss Sew N Sews made it seem like she shared the excitement of welcoming Ethan with us! Thanks to her, we now have this wonderful keepsake for Ethan as we prepare his nursery and plan his arrival.

It's moments like these where I see his name and can't believe that I'm going to be a mommy to such a wonderful little son in just a few months. He already has a closet full of clothes (what?! I couldn't help it!) and I know every piece we add to his nursery will just make it feel all the more real and wonderful.

I already love him so much!

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