19 Weeks!

After The Storm - Mumford & Sons

Today I'm 19 weeks along! In addition to difficulty falling asleep, copious amounts of heartburn and the almighty leg cramp, this also means there is exactly ONE WEEK until our anatomy scan. Wait. Maybe you didn't grasp the sheer awesomeness of that statement. Let me try again: IN JUST SEVEN MERE DAYS, WE FIND OUT IF BABY IS A BOY OR A GIRL! Though a great deal can be attributed to a growing belly and general discomfort, I am admittedly responsible for part of my paralyzing nighttime insomnia. Thoughts of "boy or girl?!" go running through my mind until they're running so quickly that my whole head becomes a blur.

Some of the ladies at my sister's dance studio made me do "the ring trick" last night. According to that totally scientific, not at all unreasonable old wives tale, I am having a boy. Then there are the people who tell me I'm carrying high, which without flaw or uncertainty means I'm having a girl. My mother begs me to pee in a cup of Draino because even though during her pregnancy that test of unbridled accuracy claimed I was a boy, she's sure it can't be wrong. I'm just trying to cover my ears and sing a song in my head and get through these next few days until the anatomy scan.

I also want to start calling the baby by his or her name instead of, you know, Kid Rock -- which is what we've all admittedly been calling it. Or KR as a short, less-offensive nickname for my adorable little baby who is not straight out of Compton nor straight out the trailer. I'm hoping by the time my child is old enough to read back on these blogs or my Belly Book, he or she will not have the slightest idea who Kid Rock was. That will save me some kind of embarassing explanation as I reluctantly hit play on my Kid Rock CD that noIswearIdon'treallystillhave from 8th grade. Ahem.

As for little KR, my usual trusty fruit or vegetable comparison website kind of failed me. This week, it compared KR to a...mango. We're pretending that didn't happen. See, I'm allergic to mangos. If I touch them by accident at the grocery store, my fingers turn red and blotchy and itch-itch-itch, which is a more pleasant version of what happens when I actually ingest them. I cringed at the sight of that mango on my computer monitor this morning and decided that, no, that won't do. So I found another website which compared Baby's size to something way less frightening (and, oh, so delicious):

A 6-inch Subway sub!

Sold! We'll stick with that one. With turkey. And Provolone. Oh, yummy. Gosh, I miss cold cuts.

Anyway, Baby is having a pretty exciting time in there lately. Baby's sensory development is exploding (in a good way!). His or her brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Baby is 6 inches long and 8 1/2 ounces! Baby's arms and legs are finally in proportion now. The hair on his or her head is sprouting -- and if this child is anything like it's father or me, I'm sure there's already a ton of hair coming in!

Vernix is coating Baby's skin now to prevent damage from the amniotic fluid. Under the vernix, a fuzzy layer of hair called lanugo now covers baby's body.

The gums and teeth are now starting to develop in Baby's cute little mouth, too! If little KR really is a girl (like my mother insists she just HAS to be!), her ovaries are already producing 6 million eggs!

Commend Baby for all that hard work he/she is doing in there! Give us a click at the link below and we'd surely appreciate it! A click is all it takes.
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  1. 1 more week! OMG OMG OMG!!! Then we will all finally know and that can stop consuming our minds and shopping can take over lol!

    I totally miss cold cuts too, well except the days I say screw it and eat them anyways.. but I miss eating them whenever I want instead of guiltily sneaking one in once or twice a month

  2. Lindsay, It doesn't matter to me if it's a boy or a girl, really, it DOESN'T!


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