ethan the scientist

In between fun summer days spent at water parks and splash pads, Ethan and I did something a little bit different today. I had received a postcard in the mail from the Child Development Lab at our local college, Florida Atlantic University, looking for babies willing to participate in a research study. Actually, my husband retrieved the postcard from the mailbox and handed it right over to me, saying that it seemed like something I'd be interested in. He was right. I called to set up Ethan's appointment the next day. When it comes to science, I'm more than happy to do my part to help. And when this study is published, how cool will it to be to say Ethan was part of it?! (Not that I'm really dorky or anything.)

The FAU campus is huge. Thanks to the awesome directions from the Child Development Lab, Ethan and I were able to quickly find the correct building. I had flashbacks to my own college days and that dreadful feeling of getting utterly and completely lost in a sea of cement buildings that all look the same. Strolling through the breezeway at FAU made me realize just how long ago it was that I was in college myself, running from class to class, trying to navigate the campus that was frighteningly bigger than the high school I was used to.

We found our way and then Ethan got to be an honorary scientist for the afternoon!

Watching Ethan do his part to help science (and mankind, as his certificate points out) was pretty cool. He hadn't napped well or long today and I was hoping he wouldn't meltdown before finishing what we had to do. I learned he'd have to watch some videos which also made me nervous, considering he's never watched television before so I wasn't sure how he'd react to having to stare at a series of videos. Of course, it only made sense the Baby Lab researchers would know what to expect when it came to babies so they were armed with a box of Cheerios. Say no more. Ethan leisurely munched on the Cheerios while watching the films they put on for him from the comfort of his plush high chair.

It's safe to say Ethan was a pretty big fan of helping science. I think he could have helped science all day.

He walked out with a certificate of his very own that I've already proudly tucked into his baby book. Hooray for science and thanks for the cool afternoon, FAU Baby Lab!


  1. How cool is that?!?! What a neat opportunity. I'd totally have done that with my kids, too :o)

    The certificate is so cool! Definitely a keepsake!

  2. wow, thats something different hey?? thats cool. i cant get over how cute he is...


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