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To say we've been busy is an understatement lately. You know the level of busy when you can't even sleep at night because your mind, though exhausted, is just too busy making mental to-do lists and thinking of everything you have to do? That level of busy. Throw in a fever (Ethan's first) and the stiff neck from hell (that'd be me) and we've all been basically losing our minds in this house. It hasn't been all bad, though.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of spending the weekend in the beautiful Florida Keys to attend our wonderful friend Sara's gorgeous wedding (which I had the honor of photographing).

Ethan woke exceptionally early the next morning and so we used that time to explore the beach behind our hotel. Ethan loves letting the water hit his toes as he watches the tiny waves crash in and out.

After two weekends in a row of travel and weddings, it was taking Ethan a while to get back into the swing of our usual routine.

There were trips to Butterfly World, to the playground and then to the doctor once Ethan woke up with a temperature of 101 -- his first fever. We still managed to tackle our Very Special Father's Day Surprise despite the hiccups.

Today was the hardest day in some time, the day that made me long to run to this blog and vent and rant and cry about my fears. Today was Ethan's final testing for Celiac disease, which in short means he got taken back to a room where people poked and prodded at him, filled eight vials with his blood as he wailed and then made us wait seven long business days to find out the results I'm already dreading finding out. Before we introduced any gluten into his diet (in any form, food or otherwise), Ethan tested positive for one of the markers. I'm constantly cringing at the thought of Ethan inheriting my immune and respiratory systems, but just this once I want my health and body to pull through for him. Just this once I want him to be Celiac-free like I am. (My husband was diagnosed almost three years ago.) Regardless, he's been eating gluten for three months now without any reaction so my worst case scenario would be he would be asymptomatic like his father. It's a better worst case scenario than what could have been so I'm trying to, you know, not stress about things until I get that phone call. Unfortunately, I'm big on dwelling.

I am trying to keep my mind occupied on other things, like the fact my little itty-bitty baby is turning one in just a couple of weeks. Party preparations are in full swing and I am up to my eyeballs in goodie bags.


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better! I know this time leading up to the first birthday is stressful not even including the travel! Those goody bags are adorable :) happy friday mama!!

  2. I've been following since right before Ethan was born, but I've never commented. I have to say that Ethan is so handsome. I can't believe he's going to be a year already!

    Wishing for the best on his Celiac results!

    1. Awww, thanks so much! It's seriously insane how quickly time flies. I almost don't even believe it myself!

      Thanks so much! <3


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