pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - st. patrick's day art activity for little ones

I think it's so cool how at this age Ethan is able to make these themed art projects all on his own. I remember the days of "here, let me stamp your handprints!" when it came to creating some themed art project, usually around the holidays or for gifts, but now it's all him. This is just so awesome to me. Of course, because he's still two, the projects come out a little more -- er, abstract -- than the old "stamp your hands" projects, but that's awesome, too. Because they're all his!

This is another activity that I had saved for next week. Ethan is totally better but I've been hesitant to bring him out in public regardless, just to be safe, and because I wanted him to rest for our big weekend plans. We go a little stir crazy at home so I also broke this project out early. It's St. Patrick's Day the whole month of March around here, apparently.

1. Paint Swatches. These are my favorite. I admittedly hoard paint swatches. They're free, and you can use them in just about anything and everything. I cut out some different shades of the colors of the rainbow and set them out on a tray for Ethan. This was another fun way to remember and learn the colors of the rainbow.

2. Gold! I found this package of three gold gift bags at the dollar store for $0.50. Cutting pieces of one of the bags made for the perfect pot of gold, but in the event you can't find any gold, yellow would work just fine. (And "glitter," Ethan would obviously add.)

We went over the order of the colors of the rainbow and Ethan had so much fun putting his rainbow together. The part he was most looking forward to would be adding the cotton ball clouds!

This was such a fun St. Patrick's Day activity -- of course, it would be perfect all 'year round as a great colors activity!

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