st. patrick's day creation station activity

Ethan came down with some yucky virus on Sunday evening so we've been cooped up at home. I was officially going to kick off St. Patty's Day in tot school next week, but with us going a little stir-crazy at home, I broke out this one a little early. Ethan spent a solid hour hard at work making his shamrocks and was so proud to show them off to daddy after work!

I set out some green paint, glue sticks, cut-up pieces of green straw, green felt and green ribbon. I also colored some pasta, rice and salt green and set those out, too. I cut the shamrocks out of construction paper and let him go to work creating "the leprechaun flowers!" (He's still getting the hang of this St. Patrick's Day concept.) Sticking on the add-ons with his hands, and all of their different textures, also provided a fun sensory experience!

After an hour of hard work, he had some beautiful shamrocks to show for it! Once they're all dry (...which may take a while), we'll string them up and turn them into a beautiful festive garland!

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