tot school - alphabet overview: letters a, b, c, d - 33 months

After we wrapped up each individual letter a couple of weeks ago, I thought we'd take a quick run through the alphabet again for a little summary. I decided to do this in little groups of letters and kicked things off with letters A, B, C and D.


Ethan really liked this one. I put some cardstock inside a ridged bowl and attached the letters A, B, C and D. Ethan got to use tweezers to match up each letter. He was really excited about this tray and it was probably the most popular this week. He's definitely mastered the art of the tweezers so we're going to do more with tongs next week. This was a fun one!


I put some different size apples in a bin with some cards in coordinating sizes. Ethan got to line up the cards from smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest (or however he felt like lining them up!) and match up all of the apples in the correct order. This tray was super fun for him until Saturday when he got tired of not eating the apples -- and took bites out of each one instead.


For this one, I had some beehives cut out, each numbered 1-5. Ethan was able to identify each number and then count out the appropriate number of bears. He really enjoyed this activity this week. Usually counting isn't his favorite, but something about the bears and the bees and the honey made it fun for him, I guess! He spent a lot of time doing this tray, all on his own, and was so excited to show off his end results!


I knew going into this one that it'd be a miracle if Ethan kept the cars in tot school more than one day. They made it to two days before he brought them out to play with. Still, this was a fun little tray for him for a couple of days. We lost the black car early on (someone was eager to play with it) but Ethan was crafty and replaced it with a black train. Maybe not a C, but I like the way his mind works.


Ethan really liked the pirate treasure map we made for letter X week, so I did something similar but this time with the letter D. I put 12 letter D's on a page with other letters and included a cup of 12 dimes. Ethan got to place the dimes on the letter D as they appeared. Of course, he quickly decided placing the dimes on the letter O made more sense because of shape and, well, can't argue with his logic. This tray was the miss of the week!


We haven't used the magnet board in a while, so it was fun to bring it out again. I printed some familiar A, B, C, D words and Ethan got to identify the word, what letter they start with, and the other letters in the word. He loves to identify the word ZOO when he sees it written and was really excited about picking out some of these words, too, and practicing the sounds each letter makes.


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  1. So many great activities! I love love love that car matching activity! We did something like that a while ago, and had a lot of fun! The magnet sight word board is a great idea, too!

  2. I can't wait to start teaching my son. You have so many great ideas!


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