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Yesterday was our anatomy scan and baby looks great! I went into this pregnancy just knowing in my gut that baby was a girl to the point where I had given no thought to anything regarding this baby being a boy. I've had the girl's nursery planned in my head for months but just couldn't convince myself that this baby could be a boy. It's funny, because going into this pregnancy I also said I wanted boys -- lots of 'em -- but once the ultrasound technician confirmed that baby was a girl, everything just felt right. It felt like, yes, that was the way this was supposed to be and we would be welcoming a little girl into our family in August. My husband was more surprised as he's been guessing this baby is a boy. I've been right with both my pregnancies. Mother's intuition, or something! According to the poll I set up last week, 64% of people guessed girl as well while 36% of people guessed boy!

Both of my pregnancies have been polar opposites. Both babies have had heart rates in the same ballpark so I'm quick to nix that old wives tale, but I just felt different. My belly is pointed where it was much rounder with Ethan. I just feel different than I did last time and despite my insisting I'm meant to be a mommy to just boys, I knew this one was a girl. A few months back my sister and I saw Iron & Wine and I had sent the thought into the universe that if this baby is a girl, I wanted them to play Woman King. I mean, sure, it's been on my bucket list to see Iron & Wine live and hear that song live, but I've always associated that song with having a daughter. And as soon as he played it that song -- one of the first songs of the evening -- I just knew that I was carrying my daughter. Maybe now my husband understands my urgency to duke it out over a girl's name.

When we told my parents I was pregnant with Ethan, we played them a song -- True Blue by Bright Eyes -- and let them guess. For my mom and sister it was obvious but the funniest part was watching my dad sit there until the end of the song, frustrated and freaking out about not being able to figure out what this song has to do with a baby. Because of that, we knew we wanted to do the old song thing again. This time, we used Something Corporate's Punk Rock Princess -- and to my surprise both my parents got it at once. The hardest part was not telling anyone until my sister got home from school at 3:00. I didn't want her to find out on social media or from someone else, which killed me to do. As soon as she walked in the door, we played her the song and she guessed it right off the bat, too. (If you're wondering, the boy song would have been Summer Fling Don't Mean A Thing by New Found Glory.)

Ethan doesn't really 'get' it yet, but we wanted to finally tell him he would be having a baby sister. We put a pink balloon in a box and let him open it. It was sort of counterproductive. I spent his entire life explaining that there are no girl colors or boy colors so all he got out of it was that he had a balloon, but by the end of the day he was getting that he's having a baby sister. It's been his guess most of the time, too, with a couple of flip-flops in between -- probably because his friends only have baby sisters.

The final person that I wanted to tell in a special way was my aunt Fran who lives in Pennsylvania. Because of the distance, I didn't know how to include her in the special surprise without just blabbing it out over the phone. I turned to Google and found an amazing cupcake baker in her area who was so excited about making a special reveal cupcake for us. I just texted her the morning of my anatomy scan and within 30 minutes she was at my aunt's condo to surprise her with a pink-filled cupcake. She even included a fondant keepsake topper which I thought was so awesome!

She also videotaped my aunt's reaction to finding out it was a girl after she took a bite of the cupcake -- which is an awesome keepsake for us to have, too. So, yes, if you're up in the Philadelphia area, check out V's Cupcakery! I thought that was so awesome of her to do for us and such a special way to include my aunt in all of the fun!

It's been crazy being able to write this baby's name in her baby book now and refer to her by name instead of just "baby." But speaking of names -- we are keeping it a secret until she's born! I know. No fun. I always say this and everyone gives me the death stare. When choosing Ethan's name, I couldn't believe how many people -- even random ones who work at the grocery store or randomly stopped to chat about baby stuff in the mall -- thought their opinions mattered! For every "no, I don't like that," "no, that's boring," "no, how about ____, it's better," I promised myself I'd be making it a surprise this time! It's killing me, especially because we chose her name (thanks to another sign from the universe, which I'll talk about later) and love it so, so much. The cutest part is hearing Ethan say it, which he does as if the first and middle name were hyphenated, and it just makes me so happy. I can't wait to see him as a big brother. He's going to be awesome.


  1. Congrats!! Have fun with the nursery and I can't wait to see pics!

  2. Congratulations! So exciting!

  3. Yay!!! Girls are wonderful! Congrats!

  4. How exciting! I was just like you, thinking I was meant to be an all boys mom, but oh. my. gosh. Having a daughter is just so wonderful! Ethan is going to make such a sweet big brother and I can't wait to find out her name!

  5. Congratulations!! I"m so thrilled for your family :)

    I loved being able to call Beatrix by name too and LOVED hearing Kale say her name. We planned to keep the name a secret too - but Kale let the cat out of the bag a few times. He'd usually say her name, followed by whispering "but it's a secret!"

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