easter crafting & cards, 2014 edition

Ethan and I are still at my parents house for our daily daycare but today I decided we should be a little more productive. Every year, Ethan makes little Easter cards to send to relatives along with his yearly Easter bunny photo. We are going to meet the Easter bunny this weekend so I thought we could get a jump start on this year's cards.

Here's what you need:

Little pieces of paper (ours were cut into 4x6 sizes), pieces from a cotton ball (we used 2 cotton balls and plucked them apart for the tiny pieces), glue, paint (we used EZPaint) and a marker.

We painted Ethan's thumb with the EZPaint and then stamped it onto the paper. I made dots of glue and Ethan got to work stamping on the bunny tails.

Next, I drew on the bunny ears (though Ethan probably could have done a better job!) and Ethan got to work putting faces on his bunnies...

...and legs, too, in some instances!

I love that each bunny looks different, unique and perfectly adorable!

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