diy cleanser day

I've been falling behind on our laundry. What I mean by that is, we've been getting dressed from a pile of clothes on the ottoman and eventually ran out of clean ones which prompted me to do laundry. Actually, there was a lot around the house that needed to be done. Today Ethan spent three hours at my mom's house and I was able to be a little productive in areas other than just mommying. The first thing on my agenda before tackling some cleaning and laundry was making my own cleansers. I've wanted to do this for a while and apparently so has my husband (who went out and bought the supplies but never got around to it). My three hours of toddler-free time seemed like the perfect opportunity! I got right to work cleaning the bathroom with the tub and bathroom cleanser and did a whole lot of laundry with the laundry soap. Somehow using my own soap made everything feel a lot more exciting -- though I'm sure that wears off awfully quick. For right now, it's still exciting.

I had someone ask me for the recipes I used so I wanted to share them!

After Ethan came back home, he helped me make some of these DIY Air Fresheners by The Burlap Bag for around the house. We opted for peppermint essential oils and it was a wise choice. Everything smells minty and fresh!

Do you make your own household cleansers? Any favorite recipes?

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