hot cocoa ornament gifts

In my quest to maintain a no screentime home, I've sort of turned Ethan into a Pinterest monster. "Let's look on Pin-ter-est, mommy!" (Just an FYI, three year olds don't take well to pinfails.) Every holiday, we scour Pinterest to figure out something to make to hand out to Ethan's friends and his My Gym classmates. Ethan decided that Hanukkah and Christmas could be no exception and so we spent the past few days trying to come up with the perfect gift. I am trying really, really hard to teach Ethan that giving is such a big and special part of the holidays. I want him to love giving and spreading joy to his friends and loved ones. So, when he saw these cute little hot cocoa ornaments (original pin here), I couldn't say no!

We found our little ornaments at Walmart. They were less than a dollar a piece. They didn't have any clear ones available, but we picked out some fun colors and went with it. We bought a big tub of hot cocoa mix and picked out some little toppings (white chocolate chips, chocolate chips, marshmallows and crushed candycane/peppermint pieces which came in a shaker by Wilton).

Using a funnel, Ethan helped me scoop 3 tablespoons of cocoa into each ornament and then added the toppings. I fastened little gift tags to the tops and they're all ready for him to start handing out -- which he is so excited to do.

I think they actually came out pretty cute and they were such a fun little project for us to do together!


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