meet jennifer reina of jennifer reina photography

Sometimes the world works in funny ways and you're just sort of thrown into meeting someone you wind up being really grateful to have met. That was me when meeting Jennifer Reina. After Wylie died, I was invited to a couple of different events and was nervous to attend given that the main focus was (what else?) babies but I went with my gut and went to the events and wound up leaving with a new friend in Jennifer. You know how sometimes you just click with someone, like you just get this vibe that they're a really special person and you should exchange social media handles? Well, I felt that way immediately about Jennifer. I'm a big proponent about moms building up other moms and Jennifer is, too. When my friend and I launched Kids & Coffee Clothing, Jennifer stepped in and gave us an amazing photoshoot to help us launch our line. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to someone really special with a beautiful story and an incredible talent.

That up there is the artist herself, the lady behind the camera, Jennifer Reina of Jennifer Reina Photography. Based in South Florida, Jennifer churns out some of the most incredible newborn photography that I've seen. When you take a peek at any of her images, you notice immediately the level of true talent and passion for newborn photography that Jennifer has. There's no over-processing, no crazy photoshopping, just beautiful, serene, organic newborn portraits that completely capture the essence and beauty of infancy and how truly amazing these new little lives are.

Getting to know Jennifer more in depth, I began to understand her passion for newborn photography and why she feels so strongly towards capturing these new, fresh, special moments. Having moved around a bit before landing here in South Florida last year, Jennifer felt drawn to newborn photography and wanted to pinpoint it as her creative niche. Having struggled with infertility for six years before the birth of her beautiful little boy, Jennifer understood the importance of capturing these precious moments and how big these tiny little lives were to the parents who love them. Jennifer's attention to detail and ability to create these flawless photographs and memories as these little ones begin their big lives are her way to contribute. While Jennifer and I have different stories and different struggles, I understand where her heart is coming from and, let me tell you, it's coming from a place as beautiful as her work.

From the moment we stepped into Jennifer's studio, you just felt the calm totally take over. Jennifer's studio is completely serene and that is the perfect way to describe a space created with natural, organic photography in mind. I couldn't believe Jennifer's array of accessories and props. Instead of the crazy, vibrant, bothersome and distracting props you'll see in other photography studios, every last item in Jennifer's (super impressive and incredibly organized) stash is calming and natural. They are accessories, not the main focus which is exactly how it should be. Jennifer's studio clients include newborns and their families. She is currently growing a wardrobe collection for parents and siblings as well.

Jennifer's love for photography doesn't end there. She also loves to help her clients figure out the perfect way to display their photographs. I'm a social media oversharer, too, but Jennifer makes a good point how you'll want your photographs displayed somewhere other than your social media accounts in the long run. She offers a free design service with every session as well and offers many packages that bundle the digital images with some art prints as well.

To my South Florida readers, friends, family and people who know someone who knows someone who is expecting, I encourage you to read Jennifer's blog post on how to select the right newborn photographer. Actually, Jennifer's entire blog is pretty excellent, so check it out (and ooh-and-aww your heart out over all of the beautiful images she shares!).

A girl after my own heart, Jennifer is also a social media master so stay connected with her on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you to Jennifer Reina Photography for the beautiful images, insight and letting me introduce you and share your story!

If you're in South Florida, contact Jennifer to set up your little one's newborn shoot.


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