homeschool preschool - age 4 - stars, week 2

We wrapped up week 2 of our stars theme this past week!

Rhyming Stars

I printed some sight words on blue card stock and Ethan got to practice reading them and match the ones that rhyme.

Draw Your Own Constellations

Using star stickers and white chalk on black construction paper, Ethan got to make his own constellations. It was fun seeing the kinds of shapes and constellations that he came up with!

Punctuation: Asking, Telling & Yelling

Using some star facts, I introduced the concept of punctuation with an asking, yelling or telling activity. Ethan has been asking about the punctuation marks as we read, so I thought it was a good time to introduce them.

Star Stuff

I still have to post on our book bin for this theme, but one of our favorites was Star Stuff, a children's picture book about Carl Sagan. Ethan absolutely loved this story and learning how we are all made of star stuff!

Using a roll of white paper from the educational supply store, I traced Ethan's body and cut it out. I filled some spray bottles with orange and yellow paint (plus a little bit of water so it sprayed easier) and let Ethan go to work making beautiful "stars" all over his body.

After adding some glitter (duh!), we had our finished project:


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