homeschool preschool - age 4 - stars, week one

Week 1 of 2 of our stars theme came to a close this weekend and it was awesome. Ethan is so relieved to have tot school back and it feels great to be back into our regular swing of things. We began learning all about the stars this week.

Life Cycle of a Star

This one was a fun picture matching activity to identify the life cycle of a star -- or a lightened up version, anyway. We paired this activity up with a guidebook about stars to read more about the lifecycle as we matched up the photos.

Star Book

For this one, I made a little book of "star facts" and Ethan got to illustrate each one as he went. He worked on this over a couple of days and was so excited to show his daddy the book he had created.

Follow The Star Directions

For this one, we practiced reading some sight words -- mostly colors -- and Ethan colored each star in as he read the words on the paper. They began with basic colors and then we worked on stripes, dots and other patterns.

Read It, Build It, Write It

This was hands down Ethan's favorite activity of the week and I'll be keeping it on board for week two of our star theme. I wrote some cards with different "star" related words. Ethan's job was to practice reading each word, then build it with refrigerator ABC magnets and finally write the word himself using dry erase marker. Ethan absolutely loved this activity!

Build A Constellation

For this activity, I recreated some constellations on construction paper. Using toothpicks and marshmallows, Ethan got to build the constellations and match them up to the ones pictured. He absolutely loved doing this (and surprisingly didn't eat a single marshmallow!).

Star Dice Game

This was another fun activity I will keep around for the upcoming week! Ethan got to roll a dice. He identified the number it landed on and then used a star-shaped hole punch to punch that number of holes into a piece of construction paper. This is just another reason I love following the child's lead so much -- Ethan absolutely ran with this and used this game to teach himself some simple addition as he went along. I love watching little minds work!


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