frankly my dear

My wish for you, my children, is to always give a f*ck.

That's not very profound. Maybe it's a little hostile. Mostly it's honest.

Please care. Please care when there are people hurting, bleeding, crying. Please look past your own privilege and care about those whose voices aren't able to sing as loudly and freely as yours. Never turn the other cheek. Give a damn even when people tell you there's no point, even when the peer pressure of apathy is enticing and feels somewhat contagious on particularly overwhelming days that feel futile at best. Fight only hate and injustice, and do so with love.


Even if it is not you being belittled on the playground, even if it is not you being taunted in a crowded high school hallway. Even if it is not the color of your skin or your culture or your beliefs being used against you, care. Stand up for those who are being knocked down. Help them up. Even if it feels like you're merely a crumb, a fleck of dust in the big scheme of life, stay strong. Stay true. Never stop extending your arms to embrace others who are in desperate and dire need of support. Be a crutch for those who have stumbled and know that we all falter at some point.

Shout your politics. Don't be ashamed of your brain and your conscience and your conviction. These are attributes worth sharing. Let the bigots and oppressors know that you are stronger than you look. Even when you feel weak. Even when you feel like the good guys are being swept under a current of xenophobia and fear.

Never give up. Never underestimate your potential, your kindness, your worthiness in this life.

And give a f*ck.


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