carmen's gotcha day

This morning was Carmen's adoption courthouse ceremony which means her adoption is officially official! Ethan and I have been talking about this day for the past few months -- Carmen's "gotcha day." (Ethan also thinks we should call it Carmen's Forever Day, so it's a title in progress.) Ethan decided we should do pizza and a cake as an annual gotcha day/forever day tradition. Of course, it was hard to explain to Ethan the legalities since to him, Carmen was officially his sister from the moment she first came home.

A little before noon, some of our family members and close friends met us at the courthouse with our attorney and we made it official. Carmen is officially Carmen, and what we've felt in our hearts since the early morning of February 27th is now confirmed in the eyes of the law and the state of Florida.

Welcome home, my lovebug. Forever and always, you are our daughter.

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