finn + emma wooden rattle teethers

Ethan was an easy teether. We didn't even know he was getting teeth until they simply popped up one day. He never had an ounce of discomfort or desire to gnaw -- which is a good thing, I suppose, despite the fact I was prepared with an entire drawer full of wooden teethers and "chew toys" (we can call baby toys that, right?). Carmen, on the flip side, is a miserable teether. The buckets of drool and snot and swollen gums -- she's got it all. We were absolutely delighted to find these wood teething rattles by Finn + Emma just in the knick of time. I say "we" because I'm totally captivated by how adorable they are but then there is Carmen who is grateful for the ability to gnaw on something to help her sore, tired gums.

Not only are the teethers a safe wooden alternative to harmful plastics (they're made from untreated Indian hardwood), but they're also rattles. This means they're still fun for Carmen to play with even when her desire to gnaw has briefly subsided.

At age 5, Ethan also likes to use them as maracas to sing his sister lullabies (can we talk about how he pronounces the word as "wollabyes" and how that makes my heart just melt into a pile of goo?) at bedtime. The rattle teethers are filled with Indian cooking beans for a soft, oceanic sound that are every bit as soothing to listen to as they are to chew on. Finished with a non-toxic vegetable seed wax finish, parents can rest assured that these are every bit safe for little hands and mouths.

I love the modern yet classic design of Finn + Emma's toy selection, which far exceeds these rattle teethers. Among their inventory are play gyms, stroller toys, pacifier clips and more, each one fair trade and safe for your little lovebug.

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