I Will Be Grateful For This Day - Bright Eyes

I will tell you one thing, Baby: I am loving this second trimester thing so much more than the first! The sheer first trimester excitement of knowing you were on your way was often paired with terror, panic, the never-leaving feeling that something would go wrong. That was paired with the worst nausea that I think it's possible to even feel. Today is my first morning without the Zofran so maybe I'm all hopped up on the hope that this terrible morning all-day sickness is gone, but we'll go with that hope.

Right now I'm in 65% maternity shirts and 100% maternity pants. (Right now it's 40 degrees in South Florida and I'm bundled up in the only maternity sweater that I have. Totally unprepared for this). I'm not running to pee as much, my nausea has definitely decreased, I'm starting to gain more of an appetite. I am, however, having immense difficulty falling asleep at night or getting comfortable. Last night it took me two hours of tossing and turning to find a position I could be comfortable in.

Your Development: Today, Baby, you are the size of my favorite fruit: a lemon!

You are squinting, frowning, grimacing and learning to make facial expressions. Your kidneys are producing urine. You can even suck your thumb! This week, your liver will start to produce bile and your spleen will help produce red-blood cells. I can't feel you yet (I can't wait until I can!) but you're kicking and "punching" up a storm in there.

My favorite fun fact about you this week, Baby, is that you formed fingerprints -- all by yourself! As you moved your hands around in the amniotic fluid, the skin on the tips of your fingers formed unique ridges and folds.

We are already stocking up on so many things for you. I am counting down the days until we find out if you're a boy or a girl (I'm back to thinking you're a boy!) so that we can decorate your nursery!


  1. Awwwww BABY BUMP! I love it! I'm so glad your nausea has gone away. The second trimester is the best :)

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