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I was really excited when I got an e-mail from Firmoo asking me to review a pair of their glasses for quite a few reasons. I've written a few times lately about trying to find that balance between being super mom and simply being Lindsay. For me, this has meant a promise to at least run a brush through my hair on a daily basis, and applying my loose mineral powder and mascara before I start my day at the very least. It's also meant that sometimes it's okay to buy myself a new pair of jeans if I need them rather than racking myself with guilt that the money I'd spend on jeans would be better off going towards something Ethan needs. (You don't want to know how long I was walking around in jeans that were two sizes too big for this reason. My husband practically forced me to go shopping. How times have changed!)

I've never owned sunglasses unless they came from a clearance rack. $3.00 glasses that would inevitably snap after a week or so of use or flimsy lenses that didn't even try to protect my eyes from the sun. Firmoo's e-mail popped up in my inbox after the peak of my internal struggle about balance and after driving with my mother and listening to her ream me for not wearing sunglasses, for squinting and didn't I know I was going to ruin my eyes that way?! As I checked out Firmoo's supply of fun sunglasses, I found a couple of pairs that I was drawn to immediately. (Fun fact: I've always, always wanted actual glasses but each year my eye doctor informs me I still have 20/20 vision. I was thisclose to considering prescription-less frames but decided to go the sensible route and try out some glasses I really did need!)

I ended up selecting a pair of full frame wrap around sunglasses. I wasn't sure if they were a little too hip at first but I really liked them and so I took the plunge. I was really happy with the glasses once they arrived. They came in a cute case with some lens cleaning cloths that I keep in my car because, let's face it, having a toddler means lots of fingerprints adorning your lenses often. The lenses are dark and do an excellent job at shielding my eyes from the hot, bright Florida sun. No more squinting in the car for me! (This also makes driving a whole lot less stressful.)

All in all, I really love these glasses. They're tough, high-quality frames, they're cute (halt your Dwight Schrute jokes, they are so totally cute) and they provide excellent protection against the sun. I was really impressed with Firmoo as a company and for their excellent customer service. (Did you know that all first time customers can get a pair of FREE GLASSES? Really! It's true!)

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