i'm being fearless today.

Today something I wrote is being featured at Fearless Formula Feeder. I wrote it just before Ethan turned one, which is about the time I really let down my guard and became a fearless formula feeder myself rather than a reluctant, insecure formula feeder. It was also about the time he transitioned off of formula and onto milk, so that could have had a lot to do with it. Actually, it probably did.

Many people who I meet now assume Ethan was breastfed. I am the token crunchy mom in our group of friends and it only makes sense for me to have been a breastfeeding mother. I wish that I was -- it was what I had planned, after all -- but unfortunately my body had other plans. Sometimes I'm still unsure of how to react when I read claims on internet mothering groups about how mothers who choose formula for their children also feed them McDonalds for each meal of the day. Sometimes I'm not sure how to react mostly because it's so false and also because it's not always a choice. It's not always so cut and dry, so black and white. Life, in all of it's beauty, is way more intricate than that.

But this isn't a debate because there isn't anything to debate. I respect all mothers who do their best for their children, who nurture them and love them and do all that they can for them. Being featured on Fearless Formula Feeder, which served as such therapy for me during my initial time of coping with the choice that my body had made for me, is an honor. If there's anything I can take away from this experience, it's that maybe other mothers in similar situations will find solace and comfort in my words and know that they're not alone.

My story can be found here and a huge thank-you to Fearless Formula Feeder for considering my measly words amongst all of the strong, incredible voices I've come to find so much hope and inspiration in!

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