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I've been pretty excited to bring you this review of Ethan's Strider balance bike for some time. From the moment the box arrived on our doorstep, Ethan was beyond ecstatic. It was that very day the word "bike" became an everyday staple in his vocabulary, actually. What makes the Strider balance bike exceptionally awesome is that it looks just like a real bike, because it is a real bike, with a motocross style handlebar and EVA polymer tires that don't need air. The ST-4 balance bike, which is geared for ages 18 months and up, comes in a wide array of colors, but Ethan excitedly chose the blue.

After a surprisingly easy assembly process -- as in, it took all of five minutes and required zero tools, the bike was all Ethan's to explore. At first he was pretty timid about the whole thing, wanting to admire his bike rather than climb on it. After a couple of quick coerces on my behalf, Ethan was on his bike and taking his first ride on the sidewalk in front of our house.

The most frequently asked question we've gotten from other parents who have seen Ethan riding his Strider bike would be: how does he know how to pedal? Because the Strider bike, like I said, looks so much like an actual bike, it usually takes us pointing out that it lacks pedals altogether for people to notice. This usually brings forth the questions about what exactly a balance bike is. The seat of the ST-4 bike -- which is easily adjustable without tools, just like the handlebars -- sits in place while Ethan walks the bike along. (In these first few pictures, you can see that my husband is simply adjusting the seat to fit Ethan's stance while I continue Ethan's little photosession!) Once he becomes an experienced rider (or now with daddy's help), he's able to practice his balance by lifting his feet onto the launchpad footrest or holding them off to the side. During our frequent trips to the local skatepark, which remains Ethan's absolute favorite place to go, we've had the opportunity of witnessing the Strider in action by another little boy Ethan's age who has been riding his for some time. He's able to go down the skate ramps on his Strider bike utilizing his balance skills that he's developed with his Strider bike.

After practicing on his bike for a little over a month at this point, Ethan has figured out how to walk his bike along like a pro. One of my favorite features about the Strider bike, aside from how just plain awesome it is, is the confidence boosting that it gives to Ethan. As I mentioned before and frequently in the past, Ethan's favorite place to go is our local skatepark. Ethan loves to show off his Strider bike to the skaters, even shouting "bike!" when they pass by to ensure everyone sees him. He beams with pride while taking his Strider on a ride down the sidewalk and loves passing by other kids and adults on skates or a bike. I worry a lot about Ethan's confidence and his sensitive little soul while watching him usually cower with shyness around other children, and seeing the pride and confidence he has while maneuvering his Strider bike around the skatepark, well, it brings me such happiness as a parent. As Ethan walks along his Strider balance bike, he's pretty sure he's the neatest thing in the world, just like the "big kids" who are skating and riding their bikes on the ramps.

I'm a big advocate of keeping kids outside and allowing Ethan to get as much exercise as possible. Walks in the stroller or his wagon are nice for all involved, but they don't give him the opportunity to keep moving and get some exercise in. The Strider bike also makes this possible. One of Ethan's favorite things to do are go for bike rides on the sidewalk in our neighborhood, where he loves showing off his Strider bike to all who pass by. In addition to practicing his balance and coordination, he's able to spend time outdoors while staying active and moving. Also unlike a stroller, wagon or other ride-on toy, the Strider bike is extremely lightweight at only 6.7 pounds. This makes it easy for Ethan to handle, truly giving him the opportunity to make it his and handle it how he wishes. With all-terrain capability, the Strider bike is also perfect for any surface, including dirt, grass and pavement. This is a bonus feature when you're dealing with a toddler who just wants to take his bike everywhere, because he can. One of his favorite places to ride his Strider bike would be the large field in front of the skatepark.

During the week in our Tot School curriculum, we spend a great deal of time focusing on fine motor and coordination activities. I love that the Strider bike is able to help Ethan continue to hone those skills while giving him time to explore the outdoors. Without having to worry about teaching a child to pedal, Ethan is able to focus on balance and stabilizing his bike, giving him a boost in coordination and fine motor skills. Ethan likes his Strider bike because it's totally cool and he feels like the rockstar that he is while riding it. It's a win for all involved, and the weekends have since become "bike time."

TO BUY: To pick up a Strider balance bike for your little one (the ST-4 that Ethan has goes up to age 5, and there are also bike options available for children ages 6 and up!), visit Strider's online shop. They also have some super cute accessories to accompany your little rider, too!

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  1. he is so adorable.
    I'll have to check out these bikes!

  2. Just got this bike for my kids at a great price from Amazon. Anyone one can use my promo code http://amzn.to/14qPrLk. These bikes will sell out before Christmas.

  3. I just purchased one for my little guy. What a great story! I really can't wait for him to get his Strider.

  4. We got my two year old son a strider balance bike for Christmas and he loves it so much. His balance and coordination is impressive . I posted a video of him on my blog and it's freakin adorable. Check it out at

  5. good bike for ethan, this is a good gift for toddler, they will entirely focus on balancing, there is no need to paddle cycle.


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