eshakti custom dress review

I was really excited when I got the offer from eShakti to review one of their beautiful custom dresses. If you're unfamiliar with eShakti (a horrific thought!), they have a huge array of retro style dresses which are my absolute favorite -- if only I had the luxury of wearing dresses more often. I've come to dread having to buy a dress for any occasion, even just a cute little sundress to wear on an everyday basis. The problem is never with finding a dress that I like, the problem is simply always in the sizing. I'm a little hard to fit, always running into the basic problem of length (I am only five feet tall!) and then complicating further with the fact that any dress that fits up top inevitably looks like a tent everywhere else or any dress that fits everywhere else ends up being constrictive up top. Despite my claims that I would spend my pregnancy with Ethan in cute, flowy dresses, I never wore one during my entire pregnancy simply because I couldn't find one to wear. And despite my absolute proclamations of love for dresses in general, I never wear them. Ever.

Until today!

So, what's different about eShakti? Well, their ordering process is a little different than selecting a style and a ballpark size and clicking "add to cart." First, you select a style that catches your eye. (And this retro style red dress certainly caught mine!) Then, you enter your measurements -- all of them -- and anything you'd like to customize: want the dress knee length, floor length, somewhere in between? Want long sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, cap sleeves, no sleeves at all? You can even alter the necklace to your liking, which is the biggest blessing for someone like me when shopping for clothing! (Also -- the dress has buttons. Across the front. And they button.) In a surprisingly short period of time after I entered all of my measurements and preferences and completed the check-out process, there was a box waiting for me containing a dress that was perfectly-perfect, and perfectly mine.

eShakti doesn't just end with dresses (also, their bridesmaid dress line would have come in handy beyond all measure when we were planning our wedding). They have cardigans, tops, jackets and skirts as well. Not only is everything in their shop unreasonable levels of cute, everything is reasonably priced -- especially given all of the custom alterations you're able to design for your own garment. When I do need to buy a dress for myself for a special occasion, I'm usually forced to pay more for a dress that is only tolerable than for a custom, beautiful dream dress from eShakti. Yeah, dress shopping just got a whole lot easier.

I'm not a fashion-conscious person, so I couldn't begin to tell you the types of materials used or any of those types of details -- but I can tell you that the dress is of extremely high quality. It's soft and comfortable to wear and every last stitch is sewn perfectly, from the ruffles around the sleeve area to the zipper on the side.

I'm not used to having my picture taken. I'm typically the one behind the camera. Posing was a little more awkward than I assumed (who knew? Ethan handles it like a pro!) and I was a little nervous to go through the photographs that had been taken. All I could focus on as I was flipping through the photos taken was I love this dress! I love this dress! I just love it! which I suppose speaks volumes in regards to the boost in confidence a perfectly fitting garment can give you.

Job well done on the camera work, my sweet little sister.

All in all, I'm in love with eShakti and here on out sign myself over to being a customer for life.

DO SOME SHOPPING OF YOUR OWN! Go on, fall in love with eShakti. New customers can even register to save $25 on their purchase!

SAVE SOME MORE: Enter code YRETHERTS upon check-out to save 20%, through 3/20/13.

Happy shopping!


  1. Love this dress! You look great!

  2. You are glowing with confidence girl! I love that dress on you!

  3. Fabulous! Just fabulous!! I love red on you so much.
    Also, I can not believe how big your sister is. Mind blown.

  4. Love the dress! The color looks amazing on you :)

  5. This post makes me so happy! You look stunning in this dress (great choice) and it is so awesome to see more of you - since you are usually behind the lens. I'm also a HUGE eShakti fan. Their customization is amazing!


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