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(Isn't it too early for the "mom, you're embarrassing me!" phase?) Anyway, I'm ridiculously excited to be posting this review of my sweet new sunglasses from Proof Eyewear today. My husband and I first heard of Proof on an episode of Shark Tank and before the episode had a chance to finish airing in it's entirety, I was already on the internet browsing through Proof's amazing, eco-friendly line of eyewear in absolute awe. If you've been reading this blog for a while, it's no secret that I like to keep things as eco-friendly and natural as possible around here. Ethan's plastic cups have been replaced with stainless steel and a great deal of our plastic usage followed suit. Part of the reason Proof glasses first appealed to me, other than the fact they're absolutely gorgeous, would be that the bulk of the styles are made of wood. The few that aren't wood are made from a plant-based acetate frame -- completely renewable and 100% biodegradable. That alone is just awesome, right?

I also love the story behind Proof, a family founded company comprised of three brothers who devote their success to their grandfather, who owned and operated a sawmill. Having grown up working with wood in the family sawmill, they saw to it to create a line of eyewear that isn't just stylish, but ecofriendly and unique. Each pair of Proof glasses are handcrafted from completely sustainable materials. In case I'm not fully conveying my point about how amazing Proof, as a company, is, I should point out that a percentage from each sale goes to non-profit organizations that provide sight giving surgeries to people with cataracts.

I was completely captivated by my Proof glasses from the moment I pulled this wooden box from the packaging. Because the case is made up of wood, each one is custom and unique. I love the laser-etched details within each pair of Proof glasses and the case, such as the wind-up bird logo or the quote on each inside arm.

I had selected the Gato Bamboo Polarized wood frames and they totally took my breath away from the first time I saw them. If I'm being honest here, I've never actually owned a pair of sunglasses that are equal parts stylish and functionality. I'm guilty of picking up pair after pair of dollar bin sunglasses that wind up snapped in half in the backseat of my car somewhere after a run in with a cranky toddler. The fate of those dollar bin glasses never phase me as it's not like they completely do their job anyway. My mother has told me ever since I was a teenager that she refuses to drive with me when it's sunny out -- and in Florida, that's always -- because it makes her crazy how I'm always squinting into the sun. Some of the cheap, plastic frames that I've picked up over the years to remedy that problem -- well, they don't fix much. I'm typically still squinting into the sun, albeit with sunglasses on. From the moment I put these Proof frames on for the first time, I was amazed by how well they worked. (I might have even called my husband at work to gush about well they worked. You know, if we're being honest.) The sun was completely blocked from my eyes.

The lenses on these glasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. I wore them every time I drove over the past couple of weeks and was amazed that the squinting and glare was completely gone. They did an absolutely flawless job at blocking the sun from my eyes. It's a whole new world to be driving or be outdoors and be able to see without the brutal rays of the sun in your eyes, and I say this as a born-and-raised Florida girl.

Over the past few days, we got our 90+ degree weather back and so yesterday afternoon was spent poolside. I gave my Proof glasses the ultimate chance to prove themselves against a scorching South Florida afternoon outdoors and they held up their end of the bargain.

The quality of these frames and the attention to detail is absolutely obvious with the first look. Each frame is polished with and coated with a water and sweat protective layer, and even the hinges are a quality stainless steel. My favorite part about these glasses would be the unique details that happen naturally because they're crafted from wood. No two pairs of glasses are the same for that reason, and that just makes them so special and beautiful.

I'm definitely hooked on Proof eyewear -- and because they do have prescription ready frames, I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before my husband winds up with a pair, too. You can't help but fall in love with these glasses from the first look, but you'll also never want to take them off when you realize how absolutely well they work.

TO BUY: Start your shopping now at Proof's website. (Check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too!)


  1. Lindsay - those look so good on you! Love the social goodness they contribute to also.

    1. Thank you so much! They're an amazing company, for sure.

  2. I love shark tank and was shocked no one made a deal with them!

    Also...you're in the 90's?!!! We are only about a four hour difference away and it is FREEZING here.
    The pool is way to cold to get in any time soon :( BOO. I'm jealous of that picture of Ethan in that
    beautiful blue water!

    1. We had weather in the 90's on Sunday and Monday -- but then Tuesday it was FREEZING again. Ugh! It's ridiculous outside! :(

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  4. love it..maybe i should try wearing it..

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  5. Are they still in one piece? I read a lot of reviews of broken Proof glasses. I am still doubting about buying them

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