planning for ethan's big boy bedroom

Ethan is currently sleeping in his old crib that converts to a toddler bed. With baby #2 coming, we decided to get Ethan a brand new twin bed and put together the crib again for the new baby. This is something I had wanted to get done before it came time to start making any real preparations for baby #2, just to sort of ease into the transition a little bit for Ethan. My musts were keeping the paint color (blue) and keeping the furniture (minus the changing table, glider and crib/bed which will be moving out -- so really, keeping his cherry wood bookshelf and dresser). Oh, and keeping the cost as low as possible. Easy enough -- I hope. (This is Ethan's current room, for reference.) We do have textured walls so decals are not an option, unfortunately.

Here are some of my favorite things and elements for Ethan's future big boy room that have caught my eye!

I love these pirate themed name blocks by Aunt JJ's Attic. I have a set of these blocks in a beach theme that were up in our old tot school classroom and they're simply gorgeous!

I love floating wall shelves, like these from Home Garden Max. I would love some of these in a cherry finish to hang on Ethan's walls to display photos, art and other trinkets rather than them just sitting on top of his dresser lost among clutter.

I love this pirate flag nautical print by Lemon Lime Paperie!

This beautiful wooden pirate treasure map would look awesome displayed in any pirate themed bedroom!

Ethan's one request was an actual pirate flag, like this one I found on eBay.

This pirate fabric bunting by Belle Bunting is so cute, and would make the perfect touch to display on his teepee or extra wall space. It's so fun!

One thing I kept thinking would be so cool would be vintage fishing nets. They seem like they'd make the perfect pirate touch while still incorporating a little bit of vintage timelessness into the room.

This Circo Pirate bedding from Target is what we're likely sold on. Ethan was sold the moment he saw the throw pillow and the little octopus. Luckily, it pretty much matches Ethan's current room color perfectly (the walls are a little bit lighter than the lightest blue in the bedding).

I was thinking of adding some vintage globes into the mix.

I thought some vintage boat propellers and other vintage boating gear would look super cool on some shelves. With a dad in the fishing and boating industry, I'm hoping he can make this happen for us somehow.

This old world map fabric growth chart is so breathtaking and unique! I've never seen anything like it and it has that perfect vintage-y pirate feel that I was hoping for.

It's still up in the air, but this is the bed that caught our eye initially for Ethan's new big boy bed. I love all of the shelving on the back!

I'm hoping I can make this come together pretty simply. Any suggestions? Advice? Help for the least DIY savvy mom on the planet (that'd be me)?


  1. I totally adore all your findings! And I think it will all turn out to be awesome :) I really liked the other room too :)


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