what ethan's reading: valentine's day edition

Holidays are a big deal around here. No longer just because I insist on celebrating them way beyond necessity, but because Ethan loves celebrating holidays. It was rough weaning him off of Halloween and then equally as dreadful getting him to realize Christmas was over but, thankfully, there was Valentine's Day to swoop in and distract him with hearts and doilies and glitter. Because it's always fun to expand our library and read about what other kids are reading to get in the holiday spirit, I thought I would share Ethan's favorite Valentine's Day books, age 2 1/2.

1. LOVE MONSTER by Rachel Bright

Good grief, do we love this book. Ethan and I may both be equally obsessed with this book. To first point out the obvious: the illustrations and detail in this book are truly breathtaking. The illustrations are done in these...super cool etchings (because that's as technical as I get)...and are just so raw and bright and perfect. And the story line, oh, the story line. How we all deserve to be loved for who we are, the way we are. I'm also pretty certain the last page in the book would make one awesome tattoo, but that's neither here nor there. At the end, Ethan points to the monsters and says "is this where the monsters belong, mommy?" and my heart melts and all is perfect in the world. Love Monster is a must not only on Valentine's Day, but it sure makes a super sweet read with those you love. (Ethan and I read it at least four times a day.)


Because it wouldn't be our house with Curious George titles to represent every holiday, this is another popular one. I like that the story is about celebrating your friends which is a little bit of an easier concept for Ethan to grasp at two and a half. Ethan mostly likes that it has flaps to open.


My mom bought Ethan this last Valentine's Day and it's been a favorite ever since. When I tried to explain to him that the Christmas decorations were going away but Valentine's Day was coming, he immediately remembered the mouse and this story. It's classic Laura Numeroff mouse goodness and another fun story about celebrating friendship.


This is another cute story that my mom brought over last year for Valentine's Day. He still loves it year 'round as it doesn't specifically pertain to Valentine's Day, but it's still a cute story to teach little ones that love comes from their heart.

LOVE YOU WHEN by Linda Kranz

Though not an only for Valentine's Day story, this is such a sweet story that once again is perfect to cuddle up and read with the little one(s) you love in your life! It's a sweet story about how when you love someone, you always love them and they're always with you because of it. Linda Kranz is one of my favorite children's authors and I love her beautiful rock art that she features in her books!


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