ethan's birthday interview: age 3

I started the birthday interview ritual last year (see last year's interview here) and am excited to keep it going until Ethan is 18. I'm sure I'll have quite a few years of obnoxious, smart-ass answers that I'm weirdly looking forward to because I think annoying teenagers are awesome. I may be singing another tune when I actually have an annoying teenager, but right now I think they're funny. Anyway, this year I added a few more questions to the interview since Ethan is really talking and can finally answer all of the questions I'd originally wanted to ask year after year -- though the answers are still adorably nonsensical. As usual, I had Ethan's birthday interview up on display at his birthday party but now I get to share it here! I'll be doing little detail posts over the week while I get my post-party act together (shut up, that's a thing).

A Birthday Interview With Ethan

Age 3

Favorite thing about birthdays: Birthday cake is for eating!

Favorite memory from the past year: I like to play tot school. It is my favorite.

Best Friends: Daddy is my best friend. He goes to work. And mommy and Chase and Grayson and Brixtyn and Darci and Mr. Lee are my friends, too. They are nice friends. I have a lot of nice friends. And Miss Jenn is my friend to swim with. I am a nice friend, too.

Favorite color: Blue!

Favorite book: Curious George At The Zoo!

Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese when the macaroni is noodles.

Favorite movie: Nothing. Nothing is.

Favorite TV show: Doc McStuffins is. She’s a doctor now.

Favorite song: Paradise City! And Journey To Ernie. Big Bird sings that when he finds Ernie when he is hiding. And Poison Oak. My mommy sings that, not Big Bird. He doesn't sing Poison Oak.

Favorite Place To Go: At the science museum we see a jellyfish with eight arms and eight legs! And at the zoo. I like to go to the zoo. Are we going to the zoo now?

Favorite Thing To Do: I make sculptures with Legos that are blocks. And I get tattoos that have Ninja Turtles on them. Can I have an M&M now?

Favorite animal: Zebras! Grandma has zebras on her TV.

Favorite thing to wear: I have a shirt with a dinosaur on it. See? I am wearing it.

When I grow up I want to be a: Scarecrow!


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