tot school - birthday week! - 3 years

What with everything going on, we took a little hiatus from tot school. This was our first week back and what better way to kick things off than with a special birthday week unit?! Ethan was really excited about our return to tot school as well as it being his birthday week, so he had a blast with these trays! He had come down with a little cold the week leading up to his birthday so we had spent a lot of time at home doing these trays over and over again. Our tot school classroom floor is completely covered in cake sprinkles, but that's only the sign of a great time, right? Right.

I had accidentally deleted a few of our photos while trying to gear up my camera for Ethan's party pictures, so there are a couple missing. Still, you get the idea. Welcome back, tot school! What a great week back it was.


Ethan got to identify the numbers on each cake and match up the correct number of candles. He loved this one!


This one came from 2 Teaching Mommies and was such a fun activity! Ethan got to match up the birthday themed items to their corresponding shadows. This was a simple tray, but he had a lot of fun with it.


For this one, I paired some different sets of lines with some birthday themed pictures. Ethan got to practice cutting on the lines. He still hasn't completely mastered using scissors so he had a tough time with this one, but he does love trying with the scissors.


This was another fun one from 2 Teaching Mommies! I put this one in a little dry erase pocket and Ethan got to circle which object was different. He had a great time with this one!


This one had some birthday words and a cup filled with the letters. We practiced sounding out each word and what sounds each letter made and then matching up the correct letters to spell the word. Ethan was pretty excited about this one at first but it took him so long to complete that he didn't want to repeat it again.


For this one, I put dots of glitter glue on the bottom of a few different cupcake liners. The dots ranged from tiny up to a big circle. There were also some different cards with cakes on them ranging from a cake pop up to a tiered cake. Even though the cakes on the cards were the same size printed, Ethan got to arrange them by size using the corresponding cupcake liners. He really liked this one, but mostly because the kid loves cake.


For this one, I painted the tops of some clothespins and printed an image of some balloons in the corresponding colors. Ethan got to practice using clothespins to match up each color. He still has a little difficulty using the clothespins to clip onto things, so this one caused a little frustration. When he got it right, though, he was pretty excited.


This discovery bin got a whole lot of use over the week! It was Ethan's favorite activity in tot school this week. I filled the bin with some loose sprinkles and then filled it with some sprinkle shaker bottles, party hats, noise makers, cake mix, balloons and other fun birthday items. He had a blast making "music" with the sprinkles as well as filling the deflated balloons with sprinkles to turn those into musical instruments as well. I also loved watching him make cupcakes using the liners, sprinkles and candles!


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