ethan's 3 year pictures

Alright, before I get started, can I just yet again share Ethan's 2 year pictures?! That epic shoot in itself took over two days due to both rain and disgustingly hot temperatures, but the results make me smile. It's so hard to believe that was already a year ago!

Each year for Ethan's birthday photos, I really like to showcase his personality and interests more than anything else. Last year, he was obsessed with skateboarding and the skate park. This year, he's really into the water and swimming. I wasn't exactly sure how to incorporate swimming into birthday photos so I decided to go with his birthday pirate theme and use the ocean to represent his love for the water. We had some challenges -- weather and, you know, just being three -- but I think we got some cute shots. The rain held off just long enough. I sort of scrolled through the photos in utter disbelief that my little baby was so big but I think these pictures perfectly capture the essence of Ethan At 3 that I was hoping for.

Oh, three. For us, this is the age of fake smiles -- and all of their included awesomeness.

On another My Husband Will Kill Me For Sharing This note, I absolutely love how after a fresh haircut, you can really see how Ethan has my husband's ears. When I was fifteen and was merely a little girl with a huge crush on the cute bass player in Mr. Varsity (that'd be my husband for all of you non-locals), my mom and I were driving home from school and saw my husband learning to drive with his dad. These were the days of learners permits, of course. We spotted him in the driver's seat of the car directly in front of us only because we recognized his ears -- since at the time, we had no idea what car his parents drove. My husband never thinks this story is very funny but I totally do and I love that Ethan his has daddy's ears. It makes me smile. I think they're cute.

"This many. This is 3, mommy."


  1. These pictures are so great! And oh my gosh - has he ever changed in the past year! Welcome to three :) It has been the BEST and most challenging year for us (but I think I say that every year).

  2. Handsome boy! I'm seeing a lot of frameworthy ones there. He does look so grown up!


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